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  • djwolf

    Altis Life Update 2/2/2016

    By djwolf

    We're now introducing Altis Highway Patrol (AHP). Several new variants of highway patrol textures have been added including a new uniform. R&R Quad Bikes and R&R Boats now have lights and sirens. Admins should now accidentally teleport a lot less. More Capture the Flag changes have been made that should hopefully result in fixes for some major issues with it. Deputy Chiefs of Police and above now have access to the MX-SW. Sergeants and above now have access to the Vigilante vest. R&R vehicles with the red theme now have the same style of lighting as the ambulance. A server hop / role switch cool-down has been added. You must now wait 5 minutes from the log off point to be able to switch roles and/or servers. Medics can now enter any vehicle to remove dead bodies. Any vehicle that supports animating doors, now opens when the vehicle is unlocked, and closes when locked. The Altis Market has been buffed. A new turtle dealer has been placed south of Kavala. Changes have been made to Pyrgos checkpoint. Kavala rebel boat shop has been fixed. Rebel outpost's towers can now take damage from explosive charges. More light added to APD's HQs. As a thank you to the community for helping us reach our donation goal, Hatchback Sports and Mohawk Helicopters have been unlocked for everyone.

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