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  1. The all new SpangleTaze™ coming to a vigilante near you! 

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    2. DeadPool1337


      My FPS can feel the texture bug from this

    3. Phizx


      ^ mfw you're not loading any textures

    4. fugi


      i want one :D


  2. We've got an idea to possibly detect and correct texture bug when it happens, but no clue if the method will work. Don't get your hopes up. It'll be introduced for admins to test and determine if it works.
  3. Sell prices are low because dupes.
  4. Enjoy looking at the correct formatting of the date Americans ^_^ ChopShop/Seize Fixes Cop House/Shed Search Fixes Cop payout splitting adjustments New pickup menu when picking up dropping inventory Gas Station Rework Blindfolds (Use interaction menu to add, can remove from yourself by accessing the I inventory when unrestrained) <---- This is currently not yet implemented. An unforseen issue turned up after implementation. When restrained you are removed from your group and re-added when un-restrained. Cannot access map now while restrained. Groups are locked by default Donor/Med discounts apply on weapon ammo Lockpick exploit fixes Can now purchase 5th house when you own a gangshed Spawning at gangshed should be more reliable now Medics now have their very own map markers!
  5. Actually shit objects are objects that no longer spawn at all, however they exist in the root map. There is a different array of decor items which include shit like mustard bottles and stuff. Each decor item has a 20% chance to spawn right now as long as it's not declared as a shit object, so maybe a mustard bottle is there one time, and not the next. It's random. And yes larger objects were never included as decor because they have large collision boxes or may block bullets / be used for cover.
  6. Map decor is an obsolete setting, it's no longer used. Map decor settings are hard-coded at around 20% with the current system.
  7. Came here for ocean man

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    2. asdasd123


      We REALLY need the facepalm icon

    3. I Am Fuzzy
    4. Domo Arigato

      Domo Arigato

      I vote to have Domo Arigato Mr Roboto play for me

  8. make a new arma 3 profile
  9. @DashTonic You're probably fixed now
  10. Already patched, admins are currently working on removing the money from players, and if players decided to spend that money knowing it was bugged they gun get fucked.
  11. Makes it slightly easier to get in at peak times, and i thought 111 look cool. Maybe we'll try 123 or 222 next
  12. The latest build is on the dev server, if you can please hop on and test for a  short period. If it's good we'll roll it out to all servers which will only take ~10 mins.

  13. Had to take a similar test for my psychology course, here's a different one: http://similarminds.com/test.html
  14. should be out this week.