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  1. I didn't expect that.
  2. You killed a bunch of people in a gang firefight at a cartel? You deserve a pardon!!
  3. I wish the people that wrote their poorly structured rants about how they didn't get comp for their peaches would have this +1000
  4. Including the side chat? I'd be impressed if you could
  5. Was anybody recording their sick kills at a Cartel or streaming when the server was hacked, because I'm really upset I didn't get to see that shit happen. Any video someone can show me?
  6. I would've paid money to see that happen, and would've paid TRIPLE to see everybody in the side chat after they died
  7. June Donation Goal?
  8. You literally even quoted the part where he said he's in a Tempest, where in that quote did you get that he was in a Helicopter?
  9. Control alt delete doesn't work for me when my screen goes black 99% of the time. I normally have to force shut-down my computer and log in again to get it to work. Arma bugs are fucking aids.
  10. Exactly, and it's hilarious because it genuinely isn't that hard to be completely honest.
  11. I thought shooting your friend to keep him from being processed was considered an exploit? I mean, you have the video right here, why not just report it?
  12. How about nobody gives a shit who I am because I'm I R R E L E V A N T u cheeky little cunts why :^)
  13. Golden showers?
  14. Must've been awkward when your mum realized you're not and could never get into Tree. Jaykay Ignis send noods