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  1. It honestly felt like the developers just highlighted a spot on the map and hoped a lot of turtle activity would happen there. It was extremely rare that'd I ever see any turtles there. When Tanoa was up however, I had a house on the shore and I could swim about a hundred meters out and there was literally ALWAYS at least one in my sight. Ezpz money.
  2. I even read that part, I am such an idiot.
  3. What if someone happens to have a shitty computer and gets low frame-rates normally? And no, this is not a personal situation, no jokes ;(
  4. Wait, but if someone does die in the town, isn't there still that timer in the spawn screen that keeps you from spawning in the town you died in? How does that work exactly?
  5. CSAT was argued over for a really long time, I can't figure out why people didn't think to start stockpiling some of that stuff. It was bound to be removed at some point with all the whining in the forums.
  6. 12 units of time.
  7. Looking forward to seeing you around on the server again, I thought you were dead
  8. I guess, 7.62 is strong against their vests regardless, so I'm good
  9. Yeah I did, and it wasn't much stronger from what I saw.
  10. Or you could just not buy the Vermin
  11. I'm really enjoying that more and more people are coming into this server hoping to bring back the rp side of things. Good luck out there
  12. I got those cards on gmail today, haven't looked at em yet.
  13. What's weird is that in the virtual arsenal, the mk14 and mk1 kill people with the tactical vest in one shot, but I can't count how many times I've been tased because I've made the mistake of trying that.