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  1. id plus 1 this be a legend
  2. why does my processing stop when i alt tab? why is that?
  3. :(:( moving will stop processing :(:(:(

  4. add me on steam themrboonie blackbackground and white letters saying Mr Boonie

  5. People who can't join the server right now it's arma's problem in general people cant join random servers like koth-altis life servers it's not onlympus problem

    Edited by De Fuk
    1. Unjo


      Just got onto the server, i verified game cache and then went into altis editor mode, now playing :)

    2. Bow


      Must be time for some hardstyle then

  6. Gang gangggg
  7. @Chaos happy b day my friend :D

    1. Chaos


      THank you very much d3

  8. we need to bring fatal back
  9. A simple nerf of csat would be enuf ofc if you only know how to..
  10. Hahaha path......
  11. you should focus on updating the server not the clothing its just a small part of the game, IF YOU GONNA REMOVE CSAT FROM SERVER REMOVE NLR FROM CARTELS