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  1. @Chaos happy b day my friend :D

    1. Chaos


      THank you very much d3

  2. we need to bring fatal back
  3. A simple nerf of csat would be enuf ofc if you only know how to..
  4. Hahaha path......
  5. you should focus on updating the server not the clothing its just a small part of the game, IF YOU GONNA REMOVE CSAT FROM SERVER REMOVE NLR FROM CARTELS
  6. for me it seems to be good no fps drop no hardcore desync or lag fine for now
    1. RogueMK


      Damn can't wait to finish work n see more updates! 

  7. ayyy welcome
  8. Evolved ::allah save me::


    proof i send you comp money 

  9. @badaim happy b-day my friend :)

    1. badaim


      thanks buddy we'll play soon :*

  10. I don't see why people complain about this it's a game,you get free gear literally you don't lose nothing,you fight to have fun,the more gangs the better the gang wars could be. How i see things thanks.