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  1. Vigis have bad RP and break rules Me:"Vigilante, hands up or be tased" Guy:gets tased cause he started running "Muh 5 second rule enjoy the ban" Me:"youre wanted for [bounty and charges] and I will be sending you to jail" Guy:"how did you know it was me" Me:"You look like this guy on the wanted poster/I took a blood sample when I patched your wounds" Guy:"im wearing a hat???/my blood is ketchup" Me: tases/restrains suspect literally fucking 80% of people: *combat log* don't act like vigis are shit if any of these even remotely apply
  2. theres nothing wrong with being a vigi, just make sure you run with a group or your going to get your head on a stick because literally every person hates you
  3. 0/10 would not robin Williams again
  4. ill throw 35k for the po7 and all the mags you've got
  5. ill buy them all at full price man
  6. id never be able to take requests, but if I could choose whatever I could do it
  7. wrong thread opened disregard
  8. people are bound to stock up for their personal collections its going to happen, but obviously there will be those who don't or those that want a different supply and I will gladly sell
  9. I'm gonna start stocking up and selling a couple months after theyre gone
  10. how bout no
  11. ill buy at 110k, ill go more if you've got more mags if not then I wont bother
  12. what did you get blacklisted for?
  13. roughly 80% of people combat log when caught, its way too much to report every single incident and you don't get comp for bounties even if you report
  14. its like having somebody store the HEMTT you were about to steal, you fight all you can and even if you are seconds away from winning, all your efforts are gone and you have nothing to show for it. Most vigis are piss poor because of combat loggers taking away their way to make money and maybe going on to something else -1
  15. the group hexagons don't always go back when youre unrestrained, and you guys are already taking care of blindfolds so its all good