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  1. @Doc can confirm the AA dose work :D ps there is giff :D


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fugi


      yup 2017-2017


    3. Doc


      Lmao was tased and literally all I could do was watch us drift over to towards the no fly zone

    4. DeadPool1337


      I wish I could hear the audio of this

  2. anyone know how to fix this plz 


    <10:44:06> Trying to resolve hostname olympus.ts.nfoservers.com
    <10:44:08> Failed to resolve hostname 'olympus.ts.nfoservers.com'

    1. OutCast


      did you update ts?

      Try with the direct IP.  Port: 18100

    2. fugi


      you know what i just pinged the server and found this ip and it worked ty :D

    3. iPopsicle


      idfk why 3.1 makes you directly connect w/ the ip but oh well

  3. im i the only one who read the first 3 words then gave up ?
  4. my alexa dose this game is fun to play but she never shuts up most of the time
  5. who wants to lick me click for pic :D


    Image result for icecream fugi

    1. Goodman


      U can supply @Peter Long's truck

  6. it has been fun man
  7. yup i know the feeling
  8. who is this kid
  9. my wife for the house
  10. would like to report vdm please :D click for giff :?



    1. Goodman


      VDM - Arma - Perm - Goodman (Remaining: Perm)

  11. the moment kanger sees ark getting into the heron

    1. William 'Daniel' Wallace

      William 'Daniel' Wallace

      So what happend in the end to the Huron?