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  1. Happy BDAY @Goodman !! and Congrats!!!

  2. I would like you to set off a suicide vest.
  3. Sorry you are close second. Best is @Twix for hummingbird.
  4. How many mags come with it?
  5. @GoodDustin & @Maddog Congrats on Sergeant! 

  6. So confused how this post went from minor APD changes to IRA terrorists lol
  7. Goodluck man, hope you pass the next time around and I get to play with you!!
  8. Yeah in his podcast he said the gang wars won't have GAs or defibrillators to match both servers
  9. Happy Birthday Sir @Solomon

     Hope it's a good one

  10. ty and doesn't really matter where you buy it in my opinion. Just makes sense to get dopamine at a hospital where the professionals are.
  11. Poll?
  12. Congrats @Goodman

    They grow up so fast