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  1. Although it does allow your opponent to tap you when he sees you peak your head with range finders...
  2. 500k for cmr and 10 mags
  3. ^^Something like a nice hefty charge of LEO Hostage charge. Cause as of right now there's no penalty for tazing/restraining cops, well not if you don't get caught.
  4. I will admit it. I have developed a bad habit. Sorry boys.


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    2. Muthinator


      Coming from the guy that has never played cop.

    3. heyday


      @Jonn I've cleared it up with mod, but I'm pretty sure it would just be considered a civilian using tazers like how it is ok for a vigi to rob people. It's cause technically we're not sending them to jail or anything like that. If I'm wrong please let me know. 

    4. Jonn


      @heyday Alright, And as I said my intent was for nothing but to clear it up.

  5. I'm not too sure about adding Tanoa back, but hopefully we get a third server up to open spots soon (maybe summer). The APD and R&R are both growing and have the numbers to spread out on 3 servers. If we meet the donation goals like we have and keep it up I'm sure this is a goal everyone wants.
  6. I'm not sure if this has been answered in the lengthy comment section of the many status updates, but why were they removed in the first place? Just wondering.
  7. Vigi at Blackwater easy.


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    2. Muthinator


      The R&R is always hiring qualified individuals.

    3. Joel


      I guess I cant be hired.

    4. Muthinator
  8. So confused
  9. I got a 3 crater 400m from the Sofia airfield. Good for plane/heli loads.