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  1. Happy BDAY @Goodman !! and Congrats!!!

  2. I would like you to set off a suicide vest.
  3. Sorry you are close second. Best is @Twix for hummingbird.
  4. How many mags come with it?
  5. @GoodDustin & @Maddog Congrats on Sergeant! 

  6. So confused how this post went from minor APD changes to IRA terrorists lol
  7. Goodluck man, hope you pass the next time around and I get to play with you!!
  8. Yeah in his podcast he said the gang wars won't have GAs or defibrillators to match both servers
  9. Happy Birthday Sir @Solomon

     Hope it's a good one

  10. ty and doesn't really matter where you buy it in my opinion. Just makes sense to get dopamine at a hospital where the professionals are.
  11. Poll?
  12. Congrats @Goodman

    They grow up so fast

  13. rip twix is just blowing cash @Goodman
  14. +1 well said It's simple strafe. You cannot ban someone without evidence. How do you think the server would be if people were just getting banned off another person's word? I'd say it would be pretty "toxic".
  15. That's a good book
  16. +1
  17. Happy B-day to the man @Fat Clemenza

  18. Lol true but I think we all know to restart our computers as a solution sometimes
  19. Redownload steam
  20. haven't you been banned for mass rdm like 7 times?
  21. I got you with the pilot coveralls