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  1. Won't be online for another 5 hours so we will see if your interested still then.
  2. I already mentioned something to jesse, about the new Castle cartel usually up above dp4, to get access to the platform is only one way up that's to jump up on rocks to get up there, once you are up there you can defend the cartel from all points, and no one can shoot you. Unless hotdropped or tossing names up.
  3. A man goes to his doctor and says, "Please help me! I've got a problem." The doctor examines the man and finds a red ring around his penis. The doctor gives him an ointment to rub on the problem area. "It's all cleared up," the man reports when he returns. "What was that medication you gave me?" "Lipstick remover."
  4. Peter Be My Valentine? :wub:

  5. add me on steam themrboonie blackbackground and white letters saying Mr Boonie

  6. No you aren't don't fool anyone.
  7. Get the 150
  8. Idk what the hell this means.
  9. Get rekt
  10. Having 2 months and 1 day in between bans does not protect you from being perm'd just saying. It could happen. TRUST ME I KNOW.
  11. why the hell are there maintenance fee's when the damn shed cost 20 mill to get it XD
  12. You need to snap about 13 mill into my bank Boi and @Muthinator needs to stop with hospital textures we get it you got a lot of free time JOKING.
  13. Tttttttt aaaaaaa nnnnn ooooo aaaaa
  14. A new PC probably pre-built by origin or ibuypower
  15. Smash so she can get a feel for a real meme.
  16. Just kidding man. Hope it goes well.
  17. Congrats does it involve olympus? No then move on. Also want a cookie? feels bad man
  18. Never said you were breaking a rule, I'd verify with a SR R&R member that this is the best way to get your foot in the door.
  19. I would talk with @Muthinator cause they are usually very strict when it comes to your age, I also have never heard of any SR R&R direct anyone to create a post to gain positive rep....
  20. Having people plus one you from a post advertising you want to people to +1 you and give you good rep is not showing at all that you are a respectable member.
  21. You need to click on support in the top right corner of the olympus website through there it will ask you which "department" one of them is a R&R application,select that and follow the steps filling that out and someone will get in touch with you shortly. @Muthinator runs the R&R if you have any questions feel free to send him a PM. Being a respectable member is a good representation of yourself but that will not guarantee you a position on R&R.