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  1. This is not a place to be putting something like this. If you want to submit a ban appeal please do it in the support section.
  2. I'm sorry but this is insufficient evidence. The video isn't 5 minutes long. I'm submitting a ban appeal right now and demand trial by combat!
  3. The forums is not a place so be pointing fingers and addressing your personal feelings towards an individual for all to see. If it upsets you that much you can talk to him in person on a man to man level or I can see if we can get some kind of counseling bots in the servers that way you can settle it that way.
  4. can you get on ts

  5. When we gon play sum RL????

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    2. Joel


      No dip Sherlock 

    3. Plumber


      Whenever you get on son. I haven't been playing it lately but I was playing the shit out before this week. Got a badass car and rim from the crates you get now.

    4. Daskopflos



  6. Thanks to everyone that participated in the events tonight. No matter what happens there's gonna be a few rocky moments in getting in started but just try and be patient because there's a lot of preparation that goes in making them. We hope so do more events in the future. We will mix it up like we did tonight so everyone doesn't get the same outcomes in events. Thanks everyone. 

    1. skavenpete


      What were the events? Would have loved to take part 

    2. Goodman


      1 wave tazer defuse... GG

    3. Plumber


      That was on server 2. Me and Talindor had a criminal escort where the cops had to deliver him to the jail. The cops won so we then made another where the civs had to escort the criminal to Athira rebel. Both sides got 2 striders and there was a lot of civs so it was lit.

  7. Happy Birthday @Talindor just in case anyone hasn't said anything your getting pretty old. I'll just have to get you a prescription for Viagra


    1. Talindor


      LOL you fucker!

    2. Plumber


      Hey don't yell at me because people aren't being honest with you. At least I'm helping you out with the Viagra. HAHAHA

    3. Tman15tmb
  8. Even at 23 it sucks being an adult at work sometimes. Thankfully I know exactly how to work like an adult though. Just replace fuck you with everything your boss tells you with ok great. You'll never fail. But seriously I've mentally killed you 10 times in the past 5 seconds.

  9. It's about god damn time. Congratz dude. 

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    2. Quinton


      congrats my man

    3. Lethals Loaded
    4. Plumber


      thanks buddy

      You just had to put those clips on here again and make me re-live that moment huh? haha. In my defense I had a pretty long day at work and I was pretty pissed before I even got on Arma and Kavala AIDS just isn't the best stress reliever.

  10. Anybody see me doing push-ups in the middle of gang wars? That was fantastic. Guy wouldn't stop no matter what I did. It was a glorious way to die in the middle of gang wars. Right when I was doing a flank push.

  11. I feel like Fridays are the most dangerous time to play. Reason being is because if you are fortunate to have weekends off like myself by the time Friday rolls around your exhausted, frustrated or just done from that work week so once you get off work you head to the store refill your refrigerator with beer and soon start your evening with drinking game with Arma rules with your friends such as 1 kill equals I big swig or sip if you occasionally like me drink scotch. What a good night it will be. By the way the drinking game pertaining to Arma will get you white girl wasted. 1 kill equals 1 drink. 1 rob equals 2 drinks. A death equals the rest of whatever your drinking till you need a refill. Penalties such as TK also finishes your drink. And every 5 or 10 minutes depending on whoever sets the rules if nothing has happened than its 1 drink.

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    2. Plumber


      Yeah I don't deal with any of that but when it comes to alcohol I'm definitely not the best influence.

    3. Talindor


      Plumber you know we all had that one friend (back when your underage) that could pass as 21+ and drove him around the liquor stores to buy booze.

    4. Plumber


      Stop giving out my life secrets Talindor. Now everybody knows. And for your information he was a nice person. hahaha

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