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  1. Why did sally fall off the swings? because she has no arms why doesn't sally have any arms? because she got hit by a bus what did sally get for Christmas? she doesn't know, she hasn't opened it yet
  2. How is a girlfriend like laxative? they both irritate the shit out of you. What's the difference between a vacuum and your wife? your vacuum still blows after 5 years I really need this...
  3. A husband and a wife are seated at dinner when the wife drops some tomato sauce on her white dress. The wife says "oh I look like a pig" then the husband says "and you spilled some sauce too!" How do you make a plumber cry? Kill his family What's brown and sticky? A stick! My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. Eventually we had to take away his bike! Why was the guitar teacher arrested? For fingering a minor. What's the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball? A man will actually look for a gold ball. What's the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb? you can unscrew a lightbulb
  4. Here is the proof! Subscribe to me
  5. yeah i think it is...
  6. i have no intention of buying this, i myself already have 5 houses in very good places. Im just saying you will get many more people willing to buy it if you start at a lower price, and even after that if the price does not go over the amount of money you want to make you can always just not sell it. Im not trying to get a house for cheaper i'm trying to help you in your marketing skills.
  7. Most players that have a lot of money already have nice moonishine or meth houses, therefore your talking to most poor people that can barely afford a 4 crater, like me, if you want to get good prices start the price low then work your way up. More people are going to want to pay more if other people want it. I would recommend starting it at 2 mill each then watch people fight over it!
  8. MMA is more my style
  9. Aight chill we don't want you fighting unless it's sumo wrestling...
  10. Why don't we just shut down the servers... no server no problems...
  11. I've got a Sofia rebel garage... 300m from rebel
  12. It's an Irish thing