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  1. 1. 2007 2. Odin 3. Greece 4. Poseidon 5. Hades 6. 7 7. 2014 8. 8 9. BFO 10. Jesse
  2. I don't know how to answer an answer... @Ares and tbh I didn't even know you were still an admin...
  3. I'd like to report a player... he combat logged on me, idk his name or what time of day it was. Could you guys look that up for me?
  4. Oh rip I literally have a 3 crater right next to the scat house
  5. I don't mind if I get arrested by a vigi if he follows all the rules it's only when they break rules that it makes me mad and other people
  6. Some retard will find a way around thayaround that
  7. Ur still the best admin ... in my heart u r my dad!
  8. U can't tell us what to do anymore!!!!! Muahahahahahahaha This actually makes a strange amount of sense
  9. Worked for me! Thanks a lot! Deleting System 32 actually works, my friend did it and now all he does is go outside, he hasn't been texture bugged since!
  10. Make sure you download all the drivers. I've had this problem before and all I had to do was update drivers
  11. God I'm gonna miss you bubba 07
  12. My house hasn't been cleaned since I bought it, the floors are sort of dirty
  13. U did
  14. Get used to it... that's basically the server now
  15. Doing silver runs in Orca's is actually really efficient... literally no one robs you
  16. Basically. I've been having problems with my joystick not working and I finally took it apart today and saw that 2 wires weren't connected... so I drove down to lowes and bought a new soldering iron and I can proudly tell you that my joystick is now fully working with a few modifications.
  17. Just to be very clear I am the best soap product on this sever constantly comming out with new types of soap for all of your needs. If you see a person rolling around named Pledge he is a poser and a fake. Don't let him sell you any soap it's proboably full of cancer
  18. Name: Ajax Reason: Yay Obamacare is my daddy and he helped me reach space in kavala
  19. Shit dude... idk, it's gonna be close
  20. Ur just scared
  21. 1v1 me @Ham I will most likely die
  22. 10 bottles of weed
  23. i literally had to cut a whole in the bottom of it to work. and @Ham ill take you any day.
  24. If someone is looking for an open world game to play I HIGHLY recommend Elite: Dangerous, I bought it yesterday and it is the best space sim I have played... for the money, it's only 20 bucks I think and a quick download. It's super fun and a MASSIVE game. and when I say massive I mean ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE, when you buy the game just look at the map. If you do get the game I recommend also buying a joystick. It makes it much more fun