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  1. CPU: Intel I7-4790K motherboard: Gygabite z97x-Sli Graphics card: Msi GTX 1070 Armor OC Storage: 250gb SSD (850 Evo), 2 tb hdd cooler: Hyper T4 RAM: Crucial Ballistic 2x8gb Power: 750w Fully modular gold EVGA Monitor: HP 23xi 1080p 60hz Keyboard: Corair k40 Mouse: Steel Series Rival 300 Headset: Logitech G430 Getting a 144hz monitor soon which will be tasty
  2. jump off a bridge
  3. memes
  4. this is retarded
  5. There are going to be defibs only in asylum matches. Pretty sure its carrier lites, no rigs.
  6. nice youtube, great content, earned a sub today !!!!
  7. hmu
  8. its aids having to go to the hospital to get them and it would be easier if they were at rebel, but it doesn't make sense for them to be at rebel. Keep em at hospital
  9. its pretty obvoius that people are assosiated if there is a squad of people all with the same name lmao
  10. I think finals should be best of 3 as that is the most important match. However the rest of it should be 1 round to prevent it spreading over multiple days. Was a sick event anyways cheers for that.
  11. Not getting in the shit talk fest, but this is one of the only times they have beaten us and it is Charkia. Wp and gf to the guys, they played well. But just because they beat us once doesn't mean they are better or par with us. I know i shit talk a lot but thats just to hype it up and make it interesting, people play dumb when they are mad. Admins did a great gob at gang wars even tho i cant stand that area and i havent a clue what im doing there as shown in our first fight lmao, and as much as i despise this MC did win fair and square. Theres no need for all this pointless arguing.