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  1. O shit fuck youtube I just watched it lol
  2. @Vincent JacobsFixed now, thanks Vincent
  3. All of us know how annoying this bug was so I think I found a fix. The other day I got it at kavala pd and went to my y settings, switched my on foot distance lower than before and it fixed itself! I was wondering if you guys could give it a try to let me know if it works, thanks. .
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai1nbi-IGF4 The sound is terrible since I played it on my phone but still, it shows you how 'interesting' the APD are after hours
  5. Okay the new update of Blackwater is great, but when you got the DMS scope that is at like a 80 percent drop it seems, cartel fights with MC are trash. Not just MC, but multiple Tree members have DMS scopes and we just sit on cartel hills. Anyone else think the chance to get the scopes should be lowered or even taken out completely?