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  1. I'm a special little girl. Please come play with my pigtails.
  2. Dad

    1. Crippling Depression

      Crippling Depression

      Redmer told me he didnt have any sons

  3. who?
  4. I'm sorry sir but it is not allowed to sell money according to the Bohemia Interactive terms of service, i will have to report you for this and administrative action will be taken here sir.
  5. Olympus isn't dying, but Olympus gang life is.
  6. 1. Wtf is that recording, my nintendo 64 looks better 2. What is the point of posting this on the forums 3. You're VX don't shittalk, you kids are shit and get a diving suit to go afk under docks so please stop
  7. Don't forget that asylum has 5 servers and olympus 2, ofcourse they will average a bit lower. But asylum has way more players than olympus for sure
  8. Remove them, people tank way too fucking much. Removing just Pilot Coveralls has no effect, you have to remove all CSAT clothing then really.
  9. Go on Asylum youll get ur neck ripped off by sdars
  10. Hell no if someone has a 3 mil bounty or something he can roleplay what he wants but i aint letting him go xd
  11. Interesting story
  12. Funny that you're not even relevant yourself
  13. Need for Speed Underground 2 was my first game on Pc fucking awesome game