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  1. HEY, I made your signature
  2. police

    I like it the blind folds, it helps when you taking a players coms to ensure that he doesn't just tell his gang where he is going anyways.
  3. +1
  4. have I ever told you that I love you?
  5. yea I use team speak on my 2nd monitor. just know if you play full screen windowed shadow paly wont work (if you use shadow play)
  6. if this is lel #2 what is lel #1?
  7. that'll do it, lol
  8. I think you've listened to It like 1000 times TORONTO Leafs fan... were getting better (don't roast me pls)
  9. @Danger @DanteFleury
  10. =)

    "bitch ass smiley"
  11. no, he cant drive either
  12. Most vigis are new to the game and don't do there job properly (improper engagement usually) so giving them better weapons will just make it worse... besides vigis usally just hang out in kavala and there are not that many rebels with high bounty's that come alone. When I was a deputy I fucked a bunch of people up with my sting so just don't be mad and you'll be fine
  13. I would never get in the car with you
  14. ik where the page is lol... but only a couple people really put there roster up