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  1. You are just upset that the support team already had a dish soap.
  2. I like how hypocritical some of these VX members are being. I see VX in Kavala more than I do SB.. If you don't want to die to someone in the water then don't swim directly at the guy decked with a water load out. Hey Pat do us all a favor and grow the fuck up. You are a grown ass man telling some kids to kill themselves over a video game.
  3. I was just about to say that @Talindor had been doing events that were a lot of fun like the time we escorted the VIP to Athira Rebel and fought against the cops. Not to forget @Plumber for his help as well with that event
  4. So Asylum VS Olympus? This will be interesting.
  5. Anyone who plays Rainbow Six Siege or just likes Montages mind checking mind out and telling me what you think of it?  I know a good few of you here play RB6 so I figured I would ask you guys what you all think.  


    1. Sociopathic


      Nice montage mate, some good clips in there.

  6. Happy to have you aboard
  7. Congratulations @Corporal_moob, @G.O.A.T. and @Gibbs. I have no doubt that Moob and the rest of The Senior APD will lead the APD to great places.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTQbiNvZqaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s A glimpse into the not so distant, but crazy past.
  9. Happy Birthday @Marty You need to clean the streets up of all the new awful Taxi Drivers!  Have a great day.

  10. It is very close...  

  11. Why... Why must you curse these sacred grounds with this graffiti.