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  1. Submit a ban appeal instead of posting it on the forums
  2. He should be perm'd. Now I know what I am doing when I get home from work. Seems like a good build. Personally I like the corsair h100I or the h110I over the nzxt coolers.
  3. What's on my mind. Hmm. Screw Ford trucks and their manifolds. That's what's on my mind

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    2. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Was he now? That would've been good to know BEFORE I MADE AN ASS OF MYSELF ON THIS POST!!!

    3. GidGit


      Ford Trucks exhaust manifolds are a pain in the ass. The stubs break all the time on them. and they can be a pain in the ass. This truck i am fixing now i have to do fold exhaust manifolds on. 7 out of the 20 studs are broken off into the head. of the 13 that were left i was able to get 9 of them out with almost no issue. 4 broke off in the head. now leaving me 11 broken studs i have to extract. 

      Exhaust manifold @Fat Clemenza

    4. Deathtripper


      I'm a motorcycle/atv tech, i rage if i break one stud, let alone that many, i suck at extraction..... Seems common on autos.. I feel your pain..

  4. I do understand where you are coming from. And in a perfect situation you would be 100% correct. But if you actually lay out what his processor is vs what mine is. The Benchmarks are almost the same. Which is why i brought mine up. The differences are hardly noticeable to the average user. The reason i even said anything is because im comparing mine to it because of its age. The performance of my rig from when i build it to now has drastically dropped. Im looking at it in comparrision to what it is right now. Now if mine was a 3770k. I would not have said anything. But sadly it isnt. Mine is just a basic 3770. All im saying is there is so much more to take into consideration. Im not saying that you are wrong and i am right. Yes the 770 is better than the 760. But i went cheap and got 2gb vram. Still better. But nothing to brag about. We are getting off topic. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason why you can not pull them frames with that set up. Ive seen worse set ups run that with ease.
  5. I have a gtx 770 and a old I7 3770 and I run 80 with no issues. His processor is a lot newer and faster than mine. Absolutely no reason why he can't run 80 frames I know you are going to say well you have a I7. Yes true. But my processor I've been using for 5 years or so. Maybe a little less. Then point I'm making is it is old. I have a dinosaur of a set up and I am able to pull great frames with ease. I feel with his set up there is no reason why he can't. I think a fresh copy of windows will do him wonders
  6. I am using a set of Astro A40's. Best set ive ever had. Ive had them going on 2 years and they still work pretty amazing. Best 150 i ever spent on head phones
  7. Everyone knows my PC is not the top of the line. I just did a fresh win 10 install on a ssd. And than I optimized it for gaming. Best decision I've done this far in regards to PC gaming. My frames went from 60 on a fresh restart to about 110 and about peak time from 20-30 to 60-70. Dramatic increase. At night is when I see the lowest drop. That at worst is about 35ish. Needless to say over all I'm happy with it
  8. Just incase you guys needed a reminder :-) Have a nice day everyone

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    2. GidGit


      Not hacked my friend. Just wishing everyone a happy Friday :)

    3. DeadPool1337


      you know she had to quit school from how much she was bullied form this video lol

    4. GidGit


      never knew that. But its Friday. So its ok :-)


  9. Oh beautiful horses
  10. No. But. What breed horse do you have?
  11. Seems like a lot of troll questions
  12. Fishing for comments never gets you anywhere. This is how you will know you are liked or disliked. If you are liked. People will talk to you. If you are disliked. People will talk shit about you to your face and behind your back. Which happens more to you?
  13. https://gyazo.com/75f043a615e8056787c095fef59f5954
  14. I have 200 down. I'll do a speed test and submit it when I get home from work
  15. Your boy Gidgit just got that phatty promotion at work. No more fixing cars for me. Plus my salary got doubled. Hype 

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    2. TheSkyStarKnight


      That's great man!! Best of luck with your new position!!

    3. DeadPool1337
    4. Natsirt


      So, now you're making $2 instead of 1? Congrats. Good luck dad