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  1. Happy birthday :bender-dance:

  2. Great update and thanks to the Dev team who had it possible. Look forward to seeing it in all the potential ideas for the future!!! KEEP IT UP!!!
  3. bump
  4. Happy birthday marty 

  5. @Jesse @Peter Long @Poseidon @Grandma Gary @Bubbaloo Burrito "0000007" thank you guys so much for the pick up!!!!!!!
  6. Good luck to everyone.
  8. @Peta Amazing!!! Did you know a blue whale can weigh as much as 30 elephants and as long-as 3 large tour buses.
  9. Cause he has a baby in one hand Reviving people in another and a Really annoying CAT. I feel for him Peta Did you know all owls lay white eggs!!!
  10. Dante can drive us?
  11. Taxi Das was a thing me and Marty didn't always get along!!!!!
  12. That AMAZING psychological warfare from my BOIIIII FUZY!!!!!! @FuzyDice
  13. How about a news team. :DDDD
  14. #Newsteam2016
  15. bump