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  1. I chased a heli for a 20 minutes landed, switched to car, got in a quilin prowler shootout then got back in helis for another 30....
  2. A mexican, a climate change scientist, and a reporter walk into a bar. They stay for the next 4 years.

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    2. McDili


      Same goes for Fox News reporters.

    3. Pledge


      I second the idea of locking the entire fox news reporting staff in a bar with no internet.

    4. Det. Payne
  3. What if they were just carrying them and they accidentally blocked bullets, because they didnt expect you to be there....
  4. So if the apd officers flying the helicopter crashes and turns into a large ball of flame, the suspect would live? Also, gang mates would pick up the detainee and use them as a sheild.
  5. How-bout a pizza?
  7. Happy Birthday @Gibbs @DaneG and @DarwinsMisfit

    1. Gibbs


      Thanks pledge!


    2. DaneG


      Thanks pledgey

      p.s I want wings on Minecraft from my bday ;)

  8. CROSBY!!!!!!!!!!

    1. DanteFleury


      Most clutch playoff kicker in history. 23 in a row!

  9. If someone could invent a device that filters out Joe Buck's voice during Green Bay games I would really appreciate it.

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    2. Pledge


      @Matt The Savage I like audio though...

    3. Fedot


      22 minutes ago, Matt The Savage said:

      The Mute button on your TV remote

      came here to write this.... get out of my head

    4. Tman15tmb


      Fuck the Cowboys. That is all.

  10. Would be cool to see some other stuff tested in the future! Good idea!
  11. Welcome to the Olympus Entertainment community! @MrRonSwanson
  12. Wow. This escalated fast
  13. @Peter Long
  14. Honestly you should be able to keep the blindfold on em, no reason to take it off, except during ticketing. Guantanamo Bay up in this bitch.
  15. So @Danger How much blue are you bleeding right now? Cuz we cut up your giants pretty bad.

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    2. Danger


      Almost....but I made it out alive

    3. DanteFleury


      You did this to yourself too. Im not even that sports fan that talks shit..but you had to hit us with teamblue. 

    4. Danger


      I know i hit you guys hard with the teamblue :FeelsBad: