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  1. did i just get the quiz thing topic locked? :FeelsBad:

    1. Ares


      no someone won it

    2. SPBojo


      oh, thank god, just saw my thing was last quoted and got worried i made talindork cry :FeelsBad:

  2. Question one. When was the first arma game released Idk Question 2 Who was the first Head Admin Zeus Question 3 Where in real life is the island Altis Idk, france? Question 4 Who Owns the server Shitseidon (poseidon) Question 5 Who was the only admin to get Permed and the allowed back onto the staff. Devil Question 6 random one How many rings in lord of the rings were given to men. 69 Question 7 What year did Olympus open to the public 1945 Question 8 How many staff members are there. to many. Question 9 What is the longest running gang on our servers. MC Question 10. Who made the intro to the latest gangwars event some nerd
  3. it had to be done haha, and i actually never got that warning point i only got 2 random ones for forum harrasment....
  4. Not even close to boss bojo
  5. Im both and been doing it for years
  6. Hah, kid.
  7. your my biggest fan you twat, admit to it.
  8. Linking skype ey? DDOS incoming Hello, im bojo, forum warrior, nice to meet you!
  9. oh god, not this again
  10. no

    1. SPBojo


      i know you love me you hispanic sack of potatoes

  11. im 9 mentally, get off my back coconut
  12. Minecrafts better.
  13. i find your name hard to distinguish Doc, plz change name as Doc is a very common thing, its even a type of mints here where i come from and alot of people use doc, your not a exception to the rule plz change. (just going from this "DEV" update thats all)