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  1. I love the update but like people said before that north cartel is almost pointless tbh
  2. Oh shit yo that kid got fucking dicked on.
  3. IQ

    Test is rigged, im literally autistic and i still placed this https://gyazo.com/af1e1e9c0619a9f013506d6ca56d68ba https://gyazo.com/af1e1e9c0619a9f013506d6ca56d68ba
  4. Why cant people just enjoy gang wars? We lost to MC and we took the L. Maybe since it was my first gang wars I was having a bit more fun but you shouldn't take in game money and bragging rights seriously to be honest. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that TI and complexity are insanely good gangs, But every gang loses a fight once in a while. Just prove it next gang wars.
  5. +1 never thought we would ever get past first round. Sad we couldn't take it to the end and lost to some long time server veterans, good fight to everyone who participated and watched.
  6. i saw zoomzoom log in with brotherhood tags then immediately log off and but on |_| tags with a name that had zoom in it. sooooooo
  7. brotherhood.
  8. +1
  9. Sorry about your huge meth run being busted