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  1. 4 crater with arm in it, make an offer
  2. Great fight you finally got one
  3. What I think the bracket should be to make the gang wars fair and interesting. Tree vs. Evolved Absence vs. VX Anarchy vs. Voa X-Rated vs. Momentum Then the round two gangs that get a pass are: Moob & Co Supremacy Complexity TI In my opinion this would make it alot better and closer matched fights.
  4. Anyone? I'll pay well
  5. I'm looking for in the town
  6. I'm looking for keys in dp22,23,24,25 Abdera and Dp3
  7. I have 18 but Idk if I wanna sell them
  8. I saw in a montage a guy had different color crosshairs in different parts and it was smaller. How do I do that?
  9. But 200k though make it a little less
  10. Exactly
  11. I'd say 150k But either would be fine
  12. Can we bring the price of the ak12 down now that it's nerfed?
  13. yes you play server 2? and what your name