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    I like breaking nlr on cop.

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  1. Yeah I could hear him good in teamspeak but his ingame sound made me want to drink bleach.
  2. You got 2 kills on Tree, that's like getting a fucking participation medal for losing. the only potato is in your profile picture
  3. buckie can I buy some slaves off you mine died I only have like 469 now I'm getting like 5 buckets less of cotton each day.
  4. Holy fucking shit how come this is the only server that makes me get texture bugs it makes my eyes bleed to look at them and it always makes me die. You have no idea how much money I lose because of this shit please patch it. I'm kinda triggered
  5. Check that shit out it's trippy asf
  6. gimme corporal ill pay 50bucks paypal
  7. wait ur in MC right? dude u can ddos the whole server and not get banned lmao
  8. I mean please don't shut my internet offline for a month
  9. pls don't ddos me joel daddy
  10. oh shit John in Bartlett, Illinois!? I heard that guy was really cool and a legend for having 4 nuts and busting all of them at once and has superior pulloutgame. but fr doe how do u know where I live do u have me on steam?
  11. Forgot to post this weeks ago That's him 4 years ago I think that's what he told us.
  12. Robocop is the new meta Same +1 tman remember a few months ago u were on cop and I accidently rdmd u and u went on civ and I triggerfingered you because of my dumb ass friends?
  13. Don't be gay be ... kys