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  1. kind of the fucking point is for the cop to die and for the civ to tazed/restrained or lethaled? Lets just make everyone have tazer's and restrain each other. +1 on the logic lololol
  2. @Berg02 i hope that your computer blows up so you quit making these retarded/cringe ass videos. Literally no one cares.
  3. *slurp* pls dont perm me *slurp* *slurp*
  4. don't include me in this just commenting idc about your argument
  5. buncha god damn philosophers on this sever now!!!!!!!!!!!!! aint nobody got time to read dis
  6. you took the L with that shitty ass "montage" lolol
  7. because i spend so much time in kavala?????????????
  8. Fuck off then if you don't have anything helpful to say.
  9. How the ever living fuck can I stop texture bugs?! I can't fight or do anything on the damn server anymore it seems without getting a texture bug EVERY single time I fight. Is there anyways to completely stop it or lessen it?
  10. just take out the fucking GA Rig. dammmmnnnnn.
  11. 450k each??!?!?!?
  12. @MerpferI'll buy them all for 150k each?? and yes I do wanna be like all the kool kids
  13. Buying pilot coverals 100-150k each. Just leave how many you are selling and prices etc. (Would prefer to buy around 120k each haha) Thanks.
  14. these should not be priced over 150k lol. 100-150k should be the price