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  1. fedot is gud, i wesh me was fedot
  2. at least we can agree on something
  3. what was bounty?
  4. the donation goal is at 88% and their is no reward yet.

    1. Danger


      Patience young grasshopper. We are only halfway into the month. They will post what they are going to be.

    2. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      They already have the goal..  They just have not updated it yet.  

  5. good luck to all the gangs starting up!

    Happy birthday Kyle

  6. +2 lets this boi be medic
  7. lmao
  8. Best Shot: tiger Worst Driver: ( 8 ) Noah Best Heli Pilot: fuzzy Best Officer: lucki Best R&R: Waldo and Ben Kingsley Best Kavala Troll (Not rulebreaker, legitimately funny RP): bow Best RP'r: anyone in BFO Most Tactical: moob Funniest/Most enjoyable to play with: rabid / tanner Most Reliable: DaneG or Dante Most Dedicated Player: idk
  9. bone apple teeth
  10. TMI

    @Ajax the meme
  11. TMI

    https://gyazo.com/b3772bb1c9fb6c5ee1f148bb5afb046e @Ajax
  12. a person with a 1.4m bounty vigi'd me for 77 mins. I was quite mad. (i messaged him 12 minutes after)
  13. no its the spar 16 5.56
  14. great update, but no vigi deserves 5.56 imo.