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  1. 4fps issues are possibly now thought to be linked to sounds... So stop saying its textures you dicks. (See attached img)


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    2. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      Being shot at can sometimes drop your frames and give you a temporary texture bug. But when I pull a zamack on cop and I get texture bugged I know sounds aint the only cause.

    3. OlympusAccount


      I thought it was called a texture bug because it made the graphics look like they're on acid. I've got the downs.


      Could be, once had my frame-rate plummet and my screen went black after having a flashbang thrown at me by the cops.

    4. Mafia


      I only get "texture bug" on Olympus. I've played many of hours on exile, KOTH and Mil Sim, this is the server where every 20-30 minutes I have to restart arma / my machine due to "Texture bug" and black screening. 

      I am hoping that 64bit helps with this but not sure yet.