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  1. The roasting is real.
  2. But dude. It's going places.
  3. Well... you see... you said the current method.... I.E. BEING TAZED IN THE FUCKING HELICOPTER was a dev flaw.... THEREFORE, this would be the change.... OTHERWISE, IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS WHAT WE HAVE NOW!!!!!!!!..... WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO INSTEAD OF THE CURRENT METHOD THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE EJECTION?!?!?! HOLY SHIT.
  4. You must be really dumb... So... you're telling me that if you're 50m in the air... or as someone mentioned 164ft. That if you get ejected from your heli it's not going to crash...? I'm sorry. I know Arma physics are bad, not that bad though. You will definitely be dead and that helicopter will be blown up. It's not like it's going to gain altitude with no pilot...
  5. You must be confused how high 50m is. It'll kill you.
  6. Oh okay. So you want to be tazed at 50m... get Ejected from your heli and crash and blow up? Seems like the same fucking result. Please explain how it's "DEV SIDED".
  7. I mean you were wanted for 30K... You acknowledged he was warning shotting you. You continued to land... I don't understand what ya don't get?
  8. This went places...
  9. For what reason would you want to hold them hostage? They are of zero value to you. You can control who medics revive, or who they respond to. You affect gameplay with them. Same with cops. How would kidnapping news team members do anything worthwhile? The reason why they can't is because they're essentially of no worth to any faction. It'd just be ANOTHER thing APD would have to deal with. They have zero means of defense. They could also be "caught with their pants down" easily... 3 News Team members following a story. 2 random dudes come and kidnap them. Ez. Done. Medics are constantly on the move, from call to call.. News Team won't be the same. Whats your reasoning to wanting to kidnap them beyond another means of an ez target to clear your bounty? If you say its for some great RP... Why wouldn't you just say "Hey, news team member! I'm going to do something and want you to cover it for me. It'll have great footage for you!". How is the News Team member that you restrain, blindfold, take their communications and such going to be able to record your great endeavor...?
  10. Heard the donation goal included a Taylor Swift emoticon addition...


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  11. http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ The documents are currently being finalized & getting approval from staff of various aspects..
  12. Tis' how I felt on the subject... I had to ask why it was such a "big deal" in the meeting lol. I know the map well enough to basically always drop a marker on someones head and go from there. Automatically adjusts for me and everything. No weapon swapping and shit.
  13. Would making it a destroyed tower be a worthy option? I know they don't offer much for cover but if we angle it well enough might be decent?
  14. Believe it or not a sAPD member actually asked for it to be implemented.
  15. Exactly... Cops need to work on using tactics... Not throwing shit and hoping it sticks. True story.