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  1. Anyone looking to buy a server 2 dp17 2 crater? 

  2. The things you see on the internet.
  3. Dont see the problem with being able to buy them elsewhere, i mean you do still have to go to the hospital to get dopamine.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. UnT0uchab1e


      Let me rephrase it for you, happy thanksgiving to all the Americans !

    2. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      40 minutes ago, UnT0uchab1e said:

      Let me rephrase it for you, happy thanksgiving to all the Americans !

      America is not the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving.  

  5. I have honestly seen many deputies taze people with 7.62s in many areas, yea its hard but it happens. Deputies are given stings and they arent the best guns but they make it work and do what they can with it. I dont see why vigis really need 6.5 to do their duties. At MOST a 5.56 MAYBE
  6. You should be able to chop the vehicle if you have it in the zone of the circle. You dont need keys to chop a vehicle as long as its in the zone. If you press chop and dont see the vehicle then u need to move it closer.
  7. If the vehicle is unlocked, you can just fly it to the chop shop and select chop-the press the vehicle that shows up. If the vehicle is locked you just need to lockpick it to access the vehicle. Claiming the vehicle only works on vehicles obtained from the blackwater. @Theak Might this me a Medic Chopper?
  8. This should be interesting.
  9. Lots of hard work being done here. +1 Jesse good work
  10. Cost to purchase? 7-10 mill One per server or just one between the two? just 1 per server, most gangs only play on 1 server so i feel it would give some gangs better odds of getting the better warehouses. if they want it on both, they can just buy it on both servers. Initial storage capacity 3000 Number of upgrades able to be done & associated storage capacity and price per level. 500 per upgrade, maybe 250k per upgrade Initial crate number 4 Ability to add additional crates? (i.e. can purchase more "crate storage slots" (would be a new feature)) up to 6 crates at least Gang level required to access Arma crates (if desired) 2-3 maybe able to give out keys to certain players Gang level required to access virtual items (Y Menu - Inventory) (if desired) 2-3 , maybe able to give out keys to certain players Required number of gang members to purchase a shed, if any? at least 5 Activity Requirement to maintain shed ownership? (Only owner can sell at this time...) 30 days Have the OWNER be online every so often like current house system yes Require gang to pay a "monthly upkeep" yes, maybe depending on the level of upgrades
  11. +1 love the sight of a ghost hawk going down
  12. I have a MX with 3 mags and a police vest and uniform will sell to the highest bidder 24 Hours from this post bidding stops