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  1. I usually just say "get out of my house or you will be killed"
  2. ....... Just use your arma guess skills. Always works.
  3. Lmfao you're right.
  4. Can we get a Altis Life server 3 or bring back Tanoa back? #GiveTanoaAnotherChance
  5. Fr I don't understand the hype.
  6. +1. I agree.
  7. Or has it.....
  8. The server should have a store to buy tvs for people to put in their house to watch the news.
  9. Most people have apex because of the previous sale. I personally think that Tanoa should have a second chance. I know Olympus already has a high budget as it is, but lately we've been getting our donation goals on point and I think Tanoa can get paid for. I can chip in for Tanoa, if I'm not the only one wanting Tanoa to come back.
  10. When I think about "News Team" I think about Garry's Mod RP servers when I'd make a news station with tvs and I'd just walk around the city. Old times
  11. I didn't even realize, I thought it said news team. Expect me to enlist for news team. I would actually like to see a news team ghost hawk.