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  1. We should add body armor to black market like some low levels
  2. Good morning sweety, did you wake up well?
  3. Happy birthday @Flume @J.Glenn @kik112 lets wish for more years to play arma

  4. Is the new vigi gun better than the sting?
  5. For a second I thought u meant sweet home Alabama and I was twinzies but I just realized that's isn't alabama
  6. Honestly.... I can't go to SLEEP!! BUT I HAVE TOO!!! WHY SCHOOL!!!! I WANT TO TRY OUT THE UPDATE! D:<
  7. #ThrowBackThursday Let's talk about some old songs that are good! I'm just wondering everyone's music interest in this community. I'll start, I enjoy to listen to: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit ( 1991 ) & Nirvana - Come As You Are ( 1992 ) I find these songs nice to listen to, but once again this is my opinion and don't hate! Share your music interests!
  8. Is it good? Did they get rid of the Sting or in the vigi store they have more than one gun???
  9. whats the new gun? I haven't checked the new update.
  10. thank you! I feel loved! Moo for me
  11. Yo this devs are lit
  12. Lmfao 15 days past my birthday and still no happy late birthday! feelsbadman I might be a attention whore or not idk I'm sad rip. How about u make my day and post below!