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  1. Uhh...there's countless occasions where I've seen it happen. As in, multiple times in every game I've played. Also there's only 1 double stacked tower, rest are singles. We're all getting a bit off topic though,so I'll refrain from discussing this further.
  2. You realize it is done quite often on KOTH servers where there's Navids, spmgs, and plenty other bigger weaponry are available
  3. My concern with the Sofia cartel (which I think I had this problem with my design as well) was that left coastal side is generally your best bet to push but even that side current has the flaw. There's a very large gap without cover for the attackers to move through while the defenders have a few spots to see that entire coast and pick off people with too much ease.
  4. I've just spent $20 at Mcdonalds and really questioning life choices right now...

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    2. savage (;

      savage (;

      Damn your fat asf 

    3. Ninjaman427


      33 minutes ago, TheRandomOne said:

      2 mcdoubles, 2 mcchickens, 10 piece nugget,medium fries, big Mac (just the sandwich) and a large drink. Subtotal was 17 and change. some of it got saved for later eating when I feel lazy, but I'd say at least half was destroyed in one sitting.


      @JamieWoods you're welcome.

      Mcdonalds is gross hot, how could you let it get cold and then eat it later? Gives me the shivers man

    4. TheRandomOne


      Because if I was known for my fantastic life choices do you really think I would eat Mcdonalds in the first place?

  5. What makes him a shit developer? His code clearly works
  6. While cops will always be at a disadvantage during federal events, there's things they can do to minimize them (tactics/teamwork). And systems can be put in place to help them out without needing to grab sr APD everytime. That will make more people not want to play cop and feel useless if the only way they can win is through sr APD hopping on
  7. So you mean it would help them out and potentially help eradicate incompetent players on the APD? Make it happen @G.O.A.T.
  8. Give POs lethals. They have to follow the 3rd wave rule and the out numbering rule, but it allows them to make a few picks to help balace it out. Won't make up for bad tactics, but it'll help even them out
  9. For those who want to voice their opinions on the news team constructively, please feel free to join the news team applicants channel and we will be happy to discuss with you guys

    1. Tman15tmb


      If you fuck sticks turn the news team into CNN I'm shutting you guy's down. Best of luck! ^___^

    2. TheRandomOne
    3. Tman15tmb


      I edited my post. Fox News is a little better than CNN. If you want to be like Fox News go ahead. :D

  10. We see that some people have potential issues with the News Team, we want to make sure your concerns are heard. Currently there are 3 seniors on in TS, we implore you to come join us and speak to us directly about potential problems you forsee or complaints you have. We want t hear people's constructive feedback. If you want to join in the discussion, hop down into the News Team Applicants channel and we will speak with every one of you. We want to make this as successful as we can and that takes input from the community. So, please feel free to join us we are happy to talk!
  11. This isn't in regards to News Team, all tags were hidden except staff, support team, and VIP.
  12. Like @Pledge?
  13. Hey Everyone! I want to first of all say thank you to everyone who has shown their support for the News Team, both previous and current iterations. As many of you have noticed we are on the precipice of the News Team, quite a few of you have already applied as well as messaged myself or a few others on TeamSpeak, the forums, or even Steam. While I haven’t had the chance to respond to everyone yet I appreciate all the messages because it shows the enthusiasm. Without going into too much detail I want to let you guys know that we are completing the last bits of groundwork for the News Team to be successful. Which means, at this very moment we cannot do anything with your applications but very soon (and I don’t mean 12 units of time, more than likely by the end of the week) you will see the handbook and other public documents posted, as well as changes in your applications. I look forward to growing the News Team with the rest of the community. Cheers, The Senior News Team Staff @Hot Pocket @DANGUSDEAN @Pledge @Domo Arigato and myself, Editor-in-Chief P.S.
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    Hey guys! I'll have all the news team posts and info up when I get home from work today. Also, I apologize for not getting back to everyone last night, was 3am lol,but I'll be getting back to everyone today though!



  15. news.jpg

    1. TheRandomOne


      Just wait till I start my 10 part mini-series on the migration and habits of the average kavalian, a la steve Irwin style. That's gunna be some news.