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  1. I should've expected this from you. Unfortunately, I did not.
  2. Do you have desktop capture mode on? If not, I'd suggest turning it on. I know that can cause issues sometimes
  3. Well, that's for yall to decide. As long as it is someone knowledgeable about the game and server,unbiased, and able to do podcasts and other such responsibilities,sounds good to me.
  4. After reading the thread sounds like there should be a Community Manager position or two whose main purpose is podcasts/constant communicating with the community and the like. I know the admins do a bit of this but since they have a lot of other things they have to do, might be good to have people focus on this
  5. I mean I don't disagree, I can barely find fights unless I do a jail/fed/blackwater. Hell, even if I get bored enough to do a cartel half the time I can solo cap and no one comes
  6. Are you basing this solely off cartel fights or what?
  7. But....why? That's what I'm trying to get at. For the examples I listed I agree with you completely. And on this I could go either way,though I lean towards the idea of not being able to die in cuffs. 1. Pledges concerns are easier to report than the current system. 2. Can easily be RPed You should have to provide an actual reason not just "it shouldn't be like that"
  8. The whole "realism" angle falls a bit flat when we have pieces of clothing that allow you to double the amount of rounds it takes to kill you. Or when jail sentences are 80 minutes for hundreds of homicides. Or the prevalence of illegal weaponry when "realistically" most people wouldn't have them. And before you start to tell me the RP behind some of these things (or straight up tell me why they have to be like that) this could easily be one of those things. Pretty sure you could still die to natural damage like that, just not bullets. Also, report them then. You're support team, you know how to fill out a ticket. It's the same as gang mates "accidentally" killing their gang mates in restraints, except it'd be more obvious and easier to report. Not a bad idea honestly
  9. If you want good fights with good players I still have no idea why you'd go to a cartel. Replace houses with rocks, and you've described cartel fights.
  10. I know I know. Got a little sidetracked. It's been fun!
  11. There's plenty of fights to be had, just not at cartels. After a certain point fighting in the same exact locations over and over again gets boring. I'd take a random fight in some DP over a cartel any day
  12. Almost got away with the pawnee too :(

    1. Silton


      Little Bitch ran away from the fight :P 

    2. TheRandomOne


      Ran away? I was never in a fight, I was 3-4km in the air the entire time, then tried to fly off with the pawnee. I clearly had a better plan

  13. So, recently, I went drag racing for the first time. Never knew it was so hard to run in heels.

    1. Det. Payne

      Det. Payne

      its easy once you get used to it, just ask dustin

  14. Yeah the dude was out of the red zone. That's where the debate was started from, where I killed the guy who was countering us he was definitely outside the redzone