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  1. Have a 6750k, and 1070 now. Msg me. Msg me. Msg me. No sir.
  2. Anyone wanna buy an i7-6700k or GTX 970 off of me? Used for a couple months each, but in really good condition and well taken care of. MSG me for pricing.
  3. Combat restrain
  4. So, I got removed. Thanks for the times, APD. Looking forward to my LEO manslaughter count going crazy.
  5. this is sick
  6. what up fam. throw a picture of your setup below. include specs if you wanna it'd be cool to see what everyone is playing on.
  7. Kangaroos are so fucking scary. I don't know what it is but probably just the way they look like they're so confident every time they walk on two legs.
  8. +1 indeed. A really good idea.