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  1. police

    I understand that, I get that people will just say that they stuck a GPS tracker on the car blah blah blah plane following them blah blah blah But I think there needs to be a bit more regulation on blindfolds, for instance I was blindfolded for a 30k bounty and taken to the HQ after like 10 minutes. I think that no matter how much of a criminal you are, you should only be blindfolded when being transported to a HQ which isn't in the same area/city as the one of which you was restrained in. For example, if I catch you in Kavala at the castle whilst your playing with friends its quite obvious that you're going to Kavala HQ so blindfolding adds no benefit apart from its harder to find the route the cop is taking you into HQ. Saying this, blindfolds should be used on members of a gang or group when they know there are others playing with them. So if I am in Kavala under the name Tick Tock without a gang or any friends there really isn't a need to blindfold me to take me into HQ. On the other hand, if I have the name [OS] Tick Tock and get tazed and the cops know for sure there are other [OS] in the area then blindfolding me should be a necessary precaution. Blindfolds only work for transport because its very obvious which HQ you're in when you are being processed. Just my 2 cents, I hate blindfolds as much as you do CSAT clothing =)
  2. police

    Yes there is, now that your comms are physically taken from you so you cannot be seen on the map or use group chat anymore, if their friends still come to save their friends then you can just report them and they will be dealt with.
  3. police

    I actually disagree completely with cops having blindfolds, I understand why but the amount it is used is a bit overkill. I think it completely kills the experience when being blindfolded because its impossible to see anything (obviously) but I'm not exactly playing the game to see a black screen. The problem is that cops often die and being blindfolded when that happens is silly because you can't let anyone know. I think instead of your screen going black, it should just be really blurred. Seeing a black screen just pisses me off especially when its the cops putting it on.
  4. Hi I'm bow, the more official unofficial than bojo Olympus forum owner
  5. Elite is definitely awesome, being interdicted (this word triggers @Grandma Gary) is fun to evade if you can and even has an API so you can do things like this:
  6. Mostly leaving the launcher open in the background, I would say like 3k of those hours are legit... maybe 5k
  7. its a trap like Fuzzy said...
  8. When I throw grenades at the cops in Kavala 


    @Ares @CheeseGrater

  9. In reality, there is even more than 14k people. Not everyone can be bothered to even sign up to the forums.
  10. Why wouldn't you just store it in your house? I bought 120 by accident once so I just stored them in my house. I also stole Mory Mango's blood bags every time he died and kept those.
  11. Sorry but, the tree is going...
  12. Without trying to sound like a broken record, but actually doing so... submit a player report with a video showing yourself being RDM'd. It is physically impossible for us to watch 222 players at the same time to make sure they correctly engage you, we rely on players in the community to submit reports on those who break the rules so we can ban them from playing.
  13. Don't forget its Christmas like Mercury said, most people are busy around this time. And just because we haven't replied to your ticket doesn't mean its not going to be replied to.