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  1. There can only be one.
  2. Someone mentioned in the thread a way to get the HUD off while in the server. Might be cool to get some shots of a group of rebels, group of APD, some general Kavala chaos, etc.
  3. A for intent, B for effort, C for execution. You applied the same gradient to all 3 screenshots, and the blue to red, at least for me, bothers my eyes. The 2nd and 3rd aren't as bad, but the first one I can't look at for more then 5 seconds. I welcome other submissions
  4. Congrats on Deputy Cheif!

    1. Lucki


      Fucking Sociopathic.... Chief. For the love of God, CHIEF!

    2. Sociopathic


      Je parle un peu francais...


      So tempting...

    3. G.O.A.T.


      S E R V I C E

      P R O J E C T

  5. O7
  6. On top of what Talindor said, its also really useful when you have 1 or 2 SAPD online, but you need 3 or 4 Ghosthawks in the air to deal with an absolutely crazy situation.
  7. Sad to see you go Moob. O7 GOAT, you have big shoes to fill. I think you'll do fine though.
  8. Whoever thought it's a great idea to place 500 objects in each hospital must have been the result of inbreeding.
  9. Used to be that the only way to prove it was a picture of tits with a timestamp, but now even that isn't necessarily proof...
  10. In the past RP sessions would result in literally every PO/Constable and Deputy/Cadet using the exact same phrases. When Tilde Guideline was in effect, someone came up with using rangefinders as facial recognition, and then everyone did it. That ended up being banned. Then the idea of "Just DNA test them", came up, which all the senior APD initially loved. Until It literally happened everytime. Then we banned it. All RP trainings do is create a bunch of fucking APD clones. If we had them on a weekly basis, every week you'd hear the "RP of the week", until the next training. Fact of the matter is, you can't "Teach" someone to RP. Its something you pick up over time, literally months. I absolutely SUCKED at RP my first 4-5 months, until I realized I can think outside the box. Once I played with higher ups and people like McDili, I started understanding what actual RP meant. All trainings will do is create "within the box" thinking. We wouldn't be teaching you how to RP, we'd be teaching you a script. The problem is people are afraid of taking risks. If you don't take risks, you don't find what works and what doesn't work. Yeah, you'll fail hard sometimes. Yeah, you might have to let someone go because you fucked up. But we will not demote you if you tried something that didn't work out as planned. We might ask you about it, and see why you did something, but just use common sense. You won't learn to fly a helicopter well without crashing, and you won't learn to RP without sounding like an idiot.
  11. Only a country like Canada can produce the likes of Justin Bieber and Nickelback
  12. @Corporal_moob only 21?! What... and @Rusty is only a year younger? Happy Birthday guys, but you make me feel old... Well not Rusty, I thought he was maybe 15.

    1. Rusty


      15 LOL its just my mic that makes me sound younger lol, i sound a lot different than i do in ts :) but thanks 

    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      I'm 31 so.... there's that. :( 

  13. Counterintuitive but some of the settings give better frames if you put them on high. If you keep them on low, it'll run from your cpu, but by putting them on high or ultra, it gets offloaded to your GPU. So don't be surprised if you see some tips that tell you to do just that.
  14. I'm still convinced that its vehicle textures considering you hear about it most when a police vehicle comes into the scene. I never had texture bugs until our vehicle textures got updated, and with the last few updates it's only gotten worse. Have you guys considered doing some "in-house" testing? Maybe have 1 server be "normal" while the other server has significantly less objects, or radically simplified vehicle textures? Our Police vehicles used to be mostly "stock" skin with a couple of labels on it, now you'd be lucky if you found any of the original paint job on it.