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  1. a2757802ceb3c35866fce0c94272cd06.jpg

    1. Goodman
    2. iPopsicle


      Lol I guess someone viewbotted me :bigcheefface::bigcheefface: idek that was a thing.

      Is there a way to stop them?

    3. Fedot


      I remember I got a fairly large Twitch Streamer banned, I viewbotted the fuck outta him (bumped him from 2k active watchers to 60k, also had them talking in chat.) The dumb ass said "hey could you view bot me all the time?" within 5 minutes is account was banned.

  2. If a bunch of you just got quote notifications from Dangusdean, my bad. Just approved all his shit.

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    2. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      @TheRandomOne Either posting in recruitment thread or spamming "retweet"

    3. Jesse


      Dili you if you can mod queue everyones personal messages that they send me and filter them for me that'd be great... The shit sending to Jesse has increased dramatically and the usefulness of said messages has declined. You'd basically be my borderline receptionist.

    4. McDili


      Funnily enough, you can actually report personal messages and then we can see them. Otherwise I can't actually see your personal messages but trust me, I'd love to be your receptionist if you catch my drift ;)

  3. Ah, yeah wasn't sure what you were talking about at first but yeah that's pretty accurate. Economy was real grindy back then.
  4. Only the marked area is a redzone. Be sure to read the APD Handbook though as during those events, civs participating in the event and cops are KOS to each other no matter where they are. For civ vs civ though, need to be inside the redzone or send engagement.
  5. mcdilly i did not see any compensation on my account can you tell me the exact amount that i was compensated many thanks


    1. McDili


      Couldn't tell ya since I'm at work but if it's regarding licenses then it would have been ~100k.

    2. alainx4


      OK thanks i would notice extra 100k in my bank are you sure i really did get it? when i logged on i had 176k but what ever its not that much 

  6. police

    I am still on the fence for blindfolds, not on either side of the argument right now because they haven't been out for a while yet. I was just chiming in about the Fail RP stuff for when you take someone's comms/gps.
  7. police

    It's never that simple unfortunately, just because someone shows up is not proof that somebody fail RP'd. Gangmates could have predicted what HQ you were taking them to based on where you caught them. Or they could be simply checking each HQ 1 by 1. Or you could have been spotted on the way there. This is why people rarely get banned for this. Having no hex when restrained helps but the only black and white reports I've seen for this are when the detainee hot mics his TS comms on accident.
  8. Merged two threads about the same thing.
  9. Hi I'm McDili, the APD biased Admin with a hidden agenda who thinks he's good at this game and uses that belief to validate conversation about civ-aspects but really I'm dogshit and have no idea what I'm talking about.
  10. The Cow Manure Field is where you get mushrooms before going to the mushroom processor to turn them into magic mushrooms.
  11. Yeah I don't think anybody is arguing that it isn't common on Olympus. I mean it's obvious, we use custom skins where Koth doesn't. But I mean, you're talking about being unable to identify medics/APD by removing them. With ArmA x64bit on the horizon, I think it's probably better to wait and see if that at least curtails some of the issues.
  12. Serpico explained the texture bug really well before. First of all, yes it's a problem that Olympus suffers from. Olympus is not the only server. If it was, the Bohemia discord wouldn't have non-Olympus players complaining in it and I wouldn't have had it once on KOTH. Secondly, there has been a lot of guidance for people on mitigating the texture bug and perhaps what we need is an actual pinned guide which we should probably do anyway... but generally, if you go to your parameters in the arma 3 launcher and change the "Memory Allocator" to "system" then you may see a major difference. I'll say that I still get texture bugs sometimes, but it's after hours of prolonged play. Usually ~3 hours for me. Your mileage may vary but its worth noting that having the latest version of Windows 10 and latest Graphics Card drivers is also something to think about. As far as I understand, the bug has something to do with the relationship between Windows 10, Drivers, and obviously whatever Bohemia did that caused ArmA to have this problem to begin with. If I understand it correctly, the application runs out of memory and has to dump it. This is where the memory allocator for the game comes in and is responsible for dumping that memory and then it should literally just be a 1-2 second freeze and then back to normal. With "system" as my memory allocator, this actually performs properly a lot for me. But when this process fails is when you get the texture bug. I think anyway. Someone more technically knowledgeable about this issue can explain it a lot better than I can. The texture bug was an issue that wasn't as frequent prior to the last Bohemia patch. After the last bohemia patch the issue became rampant and I went from pretty much never having it to having it once every half hour. Once I got the profiling + performance binary and switched to "system" as the memory allocator I only get it once every few hours. Still more than it used to be but it's pretty obvious Bohemia introduced this bug, not Olympus. So I don't understand how people can say it's only on our server, that's just not logical and the evidence is to disprove it is a google search away.
  13. I'll take whatever @Jaeger Mannen gives me. I'm desperate.
  14. I love how people are like "What's the point in posting this" when someone posts a kill. Like obviously it was to show the kill retard. Nobody cares about your justification about why the person got the kill.