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  1. Yes what can I do for you
  2. I don't know if I'm thinking of the same situation but there was one situation last night I was spectating and watched what was going on. The sAPD member there mentioned he wasn't going to risk going inside because so many cops had been captured already that he ran a high risk of getting captured himself which meant he wouldn't be able to pull the hawk at the end to stop the BW. I understand you think they just gave up but he realized with 75% of his team captured, his only shot was to ensure the ghosthawk came out at the end to drive the rebels away from the BW. I'd say that's at least using more brainpower than throwing yourself at a brick wall.
  3. Slamming into walls already doesn't work because they get slain anyway. My point is when you do a federal event as a civ you are entrenched in good cover and shooting positions. As a cop we have to punch a hole in the defense. If this game was 1st person only then tactics like suppressive fire and bounded fire would actually work (The act of one or more persons providing covering fire while one or more other persons move up close). Since you can safely scan your surroundings while behind cover this virtually nullifies those tactics all together because you see not only exactly where that covering fire is coming from but you also literally see the tactic happening by way of seeing the other guys move up. This is a very basic and very effective "Small unit tactic" that is used in all realms of infantry warfare but with 3rd person it makes it hardly worth it. The game as we know it in third person is all about baiting shots. One person peaks out to try and get a defender to poke his head while someone else is ready to peak and shoot the defender. This can work and it can not but EVEN IF IT DOES WORK the defender is tazed and only one of them is. If the 2 attackers managed not to die from it they still have to close the distance and restrain the guy before he gets up and before his teammate reinforces him. Unfortunately this tactic works best in small scale fights and federal events are not small scale. It's not very effective against a fortress where there are multiple defenders and less than adequate cover moving up to said fortress for both the fed and the BW. The only tactics actually worth their weight for the APD are 2-pronged blitz plays. Usually a strong ground push (Thing a strider/hunter that just drives straight through the defensive) with a strong heli drop to split everybody up. This doesn't really work well unless both pushes make it inside without immediate mass casualties. The point of it is to try and remove a couple civs from the fight and chip away. I understand that a lot of the time APD and tactics in the same sentence is a joke. But I've had a lot of experience with federal events and usually win them without the use of a hawk but not after a few unsuccessful waves. If I lose 1-2 cops in the first few waves there's less tactics available for me to try. It's just downright unreasonable to think that an outnumbered APD with generally worse equipment could hope to prevail first wave vs a more numerous and well-equipped force in an entrenched position. Because if you don't win the first wave, it's guaranteed that 1-2 cops will end up captured as it is right now and it just means every following wave will be even more difficult for the cops. The balance is literally the reverse of how we have designed it to be. It's supposed to get gradually harder for the civs during these events.
  4. I was the one who asked devs about this and it eventually got implemented. I admit I also did not foresee the insane imbalance at federal events. Fed gold and BW loot is practically free right now. No amount of tactics can help the APD when there is wave rule. Pick off most of the cops in a wave and taze/restrain the last 2 with overwhelming numbers. Rinse and repeat and each following wave becomes easier and easier to accomplish this. Especially when you capture the corporals and higher. Don't get me wrong, I don't think losing is meant to be a fun experience. However there is a clear imbalance with how "Free" the BW loot is right now and it was not intended to be that way. Edit: Outside of federal events this new feature is not an issue.
  5. Ever wonder why @G.O.A.T.s sleep schedule is weird? Wonder no more, I spotted him in TERA



    1. Excision
    2. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau

      i wish someone would play tera with me :(

  6. @GummyCow
  7. Lmao.PNG.11cd31143b92b9b6d12a895a43e596d3.PNG

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    2. Bow


      Haha, this sounds like one of the things I would have told someone to do for some cash. Like that one time I hired a guy to collect me 100 unprocessed copper and bring it to me for 100k and I never did anything with it. Still payed him though.

    3. Phizx


      Ahahah this guy messaged me on how he could make some money and I think I spent like half an hour typing up how he can get started and what he can do once he's on his feet. Should've of thought of something like this xD



      This is something I wouldve been gullable enough to do. I also expected you to be like. "If I receive a message like this form anyone, they're getting permed" But no, you just want the guy to get paid lol.


    1. Augustus


      Old gun sounds are hot tbh

    2. Excision


      video wasn't 5 minutes long sooooo

    3. Talindor
  9. Nothing against you Deadpool but I don't think I've seen such a nitpicky complaint before.
  10. You ever shot down an orca with small arms?
  11. People are already godmode when they are being escorted by anybody. It goes away as soon as they aren't being escorted anymore. Been like that for ages.
  12. That was what some guy on reddit had to do to fix the texture bug.
  13. Wondering if anybody has any ideas for me to try. I have insane desync on S1 persistently. From the moment I login to it to the moment I logout. I have absolutely no problems on S2. Only on S1. Most of the time I fail to even connect to S1, have to connect to S2 first then I can connect to S1. During peak hours I get kicked every 5 minutes for battleye not responding. If I'm not kicked it's anywhere between 2000 to 100000 desync. Ping and bandwidth are normal. Tried verifying game cache and tried flushing dns. Don't know why in the world this only happens on S1, but would love some ideas if anyone has any.