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  1. Nice look forward to coming back next week with these updates, good work guys
  2. I'll finally be back fully on 27th! Finally set up in new house n awaiting delivery of my router :) 

    1. Ignis


      Grats on the new house!

    2. Trumper


      did sarah kick you out?

  3. In b4 ppl still tank and realise CSAT isn't the reason why ppl tank!! What next remove all clothing lol!!
  4. I don't have access right now to teamspeak
  5. There is a way to do it while in the server the no hud thing
  6. I can help you with those light filters and effects. I'm very good with photoshop, let me do one later after work and I will show you the potential of a great arma 3 wallpaper, teach you some easy yet effective light effects that can change a screenshot completely
  7. https://gyazo.com/1990d1d7b41b85f2bdc4386b9c7f5a60 Mine new one... These were actual screenshots i took while in Battlefield 1 and i edited them in photoshop to give them i nice look
  8. I have amd 9590 and it handles fine get easy 30 frames in kavala and 50-60+ outside cities!!
  9. The biggest issue right now with fighting ( that's fighting anyone anywhere ) is the texture bug issue! I hate to say it but I've only ever got it on Olympus and can't understand why? I play KOH & WASTELAND and never got a single texture bug and they have textured vehicles the lot! That what makes me not want to fight, the chance of going CQC with someone and getting the bug just before!? We did a fed a week ago 10 of us doing it and I think like 10+ cops 6 of us got texture bugged 4 times throughout the whole event! And it caused us to loose out on a big bust ( 460 gold bars!!! ) we only got just over 300 out. When that texture shit happens regularly that would put anyone off fighting!!
  10. raising a price wouldnt make a difference tbh, ppl have played enough to have a healthy bank account now...
  11. pilot coveralls are already removed and only a BW item, what more do ppl wanna loose? Its been confirmed many times that its not just CSAT that tank shots! ppl even tank headshots so should we remove all helmets too? Lets just run round in winnie the pooh shirts no vest and mk1's!! one taps for days!! EDIT: BTW my answer was no lol
  12. police

    i agree the blind fold needs an animation, i think its a good idea but when you get tazed, restrained and then instantly blindfolded before a word is said its abit over the top!! also i think there should be a timer like restraints ( unless there is one ) if cop dies and i dont know where i am and cop forgets where i was or cant get back to me over time should lose the effect and unrestrianed?
  13. Loving the update, specially the lethal options and scroll wheel fixes
  14. i know its an obvious one but its more for the ppl that abuse it, so they know what to expect and then dont bitch about it for 30mins PM'ing me in game that im wrong lmao xD
  15. ok cool im happy with that