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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VstDOv0C1do

    Incredibly historically accurate.

    1. iPopsicle


      Fuck your Subaru I have a horse outside

    2. Orgondo


      So is this the music i should be expecting in the Pubs when i visits? Lol


    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Irish karaoke


      This is a young @Corporal_moob

  2. You're very sorely mistaken. I'm 6"6. Little? Ok. Obviously despite how much attention you seem to pay what I do IRL, you still don't even know what I do. Quite hilarious actually. Quite easily actually. When you're not in a wheelchair, you stand up, and walk away. Just like I did. I'm not in a wheelchair, nor have I ever been, had I gotten that point across yet? Or are you still too busy sticking Lego up your fuckin nose instead?
  3. You think anyone sees you as a bully or a troll? You're seen as some shit kid who managed to get in a good gang and get a massive fuckin ego because he thought he was playing with the IRL cool kids, bunch of fucking cunts, Average at a point and click game with a mouth open spewing constant shit, hurry up and go sling up a rope you fucking spastic features.
  4. Was never in a Wheelchair. Good to know your IQ is stacked as high as you, you thick cunt. weh weh weh bullied off Olympus crie crie crie
  5. Well, now that my Senior APD forum etiquette is out of the way. Fuck off you mega fag you wannabe somebody rat. Thanks for posting though.
  6. @Fat Clemenza For God And Ulster - o7
  7. So ladies and gentlemen of Olympus, It has come the time for me to step away from the APD. My personal decision is based on the fact that recently video games have been taking over my life too much. Working 40+ hours per week (Pushing for promotion) Running arguably the largest gang on the server Running the largest whitelist faction on the server. Trying to have somewhat of a life outside of the game. Wish to play other games All of these things take a lot more time than people realize. Moreso than people could ever know. I will still continue to run MC and hopefully be able to actively participate in the Civ life a little more. With this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who served under me, with me, and above me. For 99% of the time, you've been great. Personally McDili who's been there with me since the beginning, The 2 longest Senior APD members + Ares the person who gave me my first chance at Trial sergeant back over a year and a half ago. I'd like to take a moment for people to realize how much work the Sr's and the heads of their respective factions actually do. It actually takes over your real life. Seriously. It's so time consuming. Though my time was short, I feel accomplished in the sense that I was the Youngest Chief/Captain (20 Years Old - turning into 21 whilst Chief/Captain) + Picking our new Commander In Chief GOAT Well Gentlemen, It's been a fucking blast. Sergeant Moob 2nd July 2015 RIP 3rd November 2014 - 7th January 2017
  8. 3rd New Year on Olympus. It's been a good one. Enjoy your New Years you cucks.

    1. Ajax


      I ain't no cuck... I'm a FUCK(up)

    2. CheeseGrater


      Many beers will be consumed this night 

    3. fugi


      it had been a fun ride :D


  9. Even with Seniors online people still do them A L L the time. Just in a manner in which there's no way we can fight them with acceptable Civilian/APD casualties. It takes away from what the APD could be doing when they have to have 2/3's of the force stop what their doing and go over to the negotiations.
  10. Everyone like this post to Piss McDili off. He was laughing at his post/like ratio. LIKE IT AND I WILL FIRE MCDILI
  11. Hate when people tank



    1. Ajax


      I fucking died

    2. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      Unrealistic. On Olympus they'd only hit the person once in the fingernail with a full mag, on here he was full of bullet holes. -1 :SwiftRage:

  12. I highly scrutinize the integrity of that desk. No wonder when you pressed any key on your keyboard did your setup nearly fall apart.
  13. Larry likes Lil Wayne and Eminem -1