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  1. 7f0d759e8421f6820ec1c71264e04ea3.png


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    2. Fedot


      No regrets the only bridge where you could get launched 700kms

    3. Virus


      The bridge is a representation of the News Team in Moob's mind

    4. Corporal_moob
  2. I'm not even going to bother. May 2014 the server came up in. It is not May 2017 yet.
  3. Put the tags back.

    Honestly who the fuck even cares about a news team.

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    2. TheRandomOne


      Wait, so should start messaging people to and telling them how to vote too then?

    3. Pledge


      Now your out of line. @TheRandomOne Let the poll go how it may

    4. Corporal_moob



      Pretty sure all I did was post it in my teamspeak so people could see.

      Haven't even left the original channel I've been in since I posted it.

  4. Olympus hasn't been up 3-4 years.
  5. www.twitch.tv/imgafski     ///// H1Z1

  6. Hail the mighty Northern Irish Internet speeds. *P.S.* This is why it takes 3 months per montage. I can never be bothered to upload anything.
  7. ^ Actually one of my favorites hahahaha.
  8. I feel the Wikipedia knowledge growing.
  9. Come on up any time big fella, We'd be happy to have ya.
  10. Where abouts in the Isle are you planning on going to?