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  1. why is everybody poaching lol
  2. If you are flying a copter and need to land a temp fix is CTRL ALT DELETE and hitting cancel.
  3. Note to self: Don't Taze and restrain Cops during a FED or all hell shall break loose

  4. Nah thats why i made one choice only you gotta decide between drama or fuck fedot... Hard choice i know #NewsTeamSalty
  5. I like polls too
  6. PSA: The real reason the tags were removed is due to the fact everybody and thier mother wanted like 7 Tags for one Faction

  7. First off complaining wont do shit (trust meh). It will most likely been instant denied now bc Staff have control issues. Also I will mass kill ppl in your name RIOT IN KAV That's funny bc when i make Ban apeals they get instant denied
  8. omgurd 12 units of time is coming up #StatsPage

    1. Lacroix



    2. DeadPool1337


      Bitch explain

    3. Fedot


      when bae asks you a question about the stats page

  9. Yeah bc i want to anti bw
  10. so i fixed my mouse, It's very strange that i need a hammer but it seems to work


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    2. JBruesch


      Instructions were unclear, I got my dick caught in my ceiling fan...

    3. Bow


      @Dick Hurtz he got his dick stuck in your steam name :/

    4. TroyOGG


      He looks like the manufacturer so your good