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  1. Turn your ambience back on. There's a bug where when you turn off your ambience settings the turtles disappear.
  2. You got a point, his approach could have been a bit better or more reasonable.
  3. You can't win them all Berg, you got lucky the first session but you cannot expect the same rp season the next time around. You need to understand that you take a risk whenever you decide to hang around officers.
  4. There isn't an instant replay setting.
  5. Use obs
  6. Happy birthday Ares

  7. Dick
  8. Not true, you need to purchase them at the shops that sell the items/vehicles corresponding to your dlc pack.
  9. Suspects that are restrained are already invincible whilst being escorted. I do not think it's a good idea implementing invincible handcuffs, as killing your friend in restraints is not consistent. I agree with Mcdili, careful planning by officers securing the area against the challenge of friends bailing someone out promotes leadership qualities, focus, and good practice. Implementing invincible handcuffs takes that away, also would give the suspects a helping hand as Pledge mentions, they would be used as shields. If players decide to take away the role playing situation by being lazy and killing their friend just report them. Your video with the guy coming in to rook his friend is not common and should not have happened if your officers secured the area to prevent that from happening in the first place.
  10. o7
  11. Damn i remember when it was talindor for sergeant now it's like talindor for owner

    1. Phizx


      Don't think it was ever talindor for sergeant xD

    2. Talindor


      I was one of the highest qualified officers. My problem was the fact that I cannot take tests well, I understood all the answers, but in a room full of my peers my nervousness and second guessing myself led me to have to take another test.

  12. police

    Regardless of new features and functions, you will always have the very few that gripe, complain, and moan. It's inevitable. What is trivial to experienced players that have learned to adapt and love challenges are perhaps too challenging to other folks that expect being fed with a silver spoon so to speak. I will not go into specifics, I tend to ignore posts that are just plain ridiculous or the ones that are too soon that try to instigate an issue to the community.
  13. I'm assuming there's an inside joke I may have missed.
  14. Apd is a faction that handles everything in it's realm. We are not saying be there 24/7, we gave the reserves ample time to decide what there next course of action was going to be as the reserves was going to be removed. Handling a game issue as staff can take anywhere from 5 minutes to two hours or more at a time. Also this has been posted sometime ago, the reserves was removed last month.