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    2. Poseidon


      [hur dur swag][nother tag lmao][ayy bb i got a tag] Ur Mum [super admin][support][designer] says: sup dude

    3. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      not an improvement

    4. Fuzy


      @Poseidon I think that ranks should be visable, and then just cut all the other crap out, like the squads and donator levels.

  1. I agree, it's very one-sided.
  2. Not right now, I'll PM you tomorrow if you are still down.
  3. No, I can get them from a buddy for 75k a piece.
  4. I'll buy some Pilot Coveralls for 75k a piece.
  5. Wait what? How does my comment even remotely hint to support team?
  6. Just because you have a cop uniform on doesn't mean anyone has to RP with you.
  7. Anyone got a Rasta Backpack for H1?

    1. Quintin


      if you are willing to buy it with paypal my irl friend has one, msg me on teamspeak if you are interested and ill get a price from him

    2. savage (;

      savage (;

      opskins has a bunch of them why dont u just buy it from there 

    3. Matt The Savage
  8. I don't see stoners puking on themselves?
  9. How much are the jets going to be? Hopefully less expensive than the blackfish..

  10. Longest ACTIVE gangs?
  11. The perm corp finally got a promo! Congrats @TheRealKyle

  12. Another try at Civ striders for the Donation Goal?

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    2. Fuzy


      @Ham Not like anyone does BlackWaters anymore anyway.

    3. DeadPool1337


      2k17 remove CSAT and bring Striders to buy for like 800-950k?

    4. Ham


      I've seen Blackwater's done quite a bit.