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  1. The perm corp finally got a promo! Congrats @TheRealKyle

  2. Another try at Civ striders for the Donation Goal?

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    2. Fuzy


      @Ham Not like anyone does BlackWaters anymore anyway.

    3. DeadPool1337


      2k17 remove CSAT and bring Striders to buy for like 800-950k?

    4. Ham


      I've seen Blackwater's done quite a bit.

  3. Hello

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    2. Ham
    3. Fuzy


      @McDili Don't make me ask @G.O.A.T. to hit his man Howard Schultz up so he can DDoS you with his 32k botnet. :)

    4. G.O.A.T.


      those were the memez

  4. I don't think he asked for that.
  5. Any tips on how I can improve my DPI jump?

    1. Snare


      Yeah I've been trying to get mine good but it seems like every-time I do it it hurts my health and breaks my legs.... apparently somehow you can make it so it doesn't do that...

      Any-tips would be very appreciated!

      I heard there kicking players out of -TI- if we don't learn how to perform such a feat because that's the only way we win fights.

  6. Just another excuse for people to shoot their restrained buddies without consequences.
  7. That's why we're getting rid of it. It just gives people an excuse to not make their times.
  8. What if we got money for sending a combat loggers bones to jail? 

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    2. Fuzy


      @DANGUSDEAN That's just too much work man, regardless if you have a notification or not, nothing is preventing them from not logging back in. 

    3. OlympusAccount


      Do cops get a portion of the bounty if they send bones to jail, as they would normally if they're processing a criminal?

    4. Lethals Loaded
  9. Best Kavala Troll? ROGER WILSHIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. When this first got uploaded I watched it so many times.
  11. Got a house, didn't play civ for 3 days, come back and it's fucking gone and some kid owns it. 10/10