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  1. Oh so the little pussy admin is from korea. good to know.

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    2. Fuzy


      @DanteFleury He got banned for ban evading so he is a little salty. 



      inb4 locked. But yeah, He's in South Korea. not cummunist. He's an English teacher. Have fun getting banned on the forums too.

    4. Sociopathic


      Wow man, calling him a little pussy admin is rude af, he is clearly a moderator.




      Get your facts straight.


  2. Since you enjoy it, its not actually harassment...
  3. I ain't celebrating Christmas, I'm embracing my ongoing alcoholism... But here, have a Christmas card:
  4. The truth, Mason, is that you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not; a hero
  5. Canadian Snow helps to ice the wound. Also, isn't it past your bedtime? You know if you stay up too late you'll have nightmares and wet the bed again...
  6. @TheCmdrRex ...........who let you out of the Spankbank.....?
  7. I was born in Winnipeg, the national Murder capital, and grew up in Ottawa "The city that fun forgot" and the "Ashley Madison capital" because 50% of the adult population was signed up to fuck married people/have an affair.
  8. Taking drugs on medic, thats a paddlin...
  9. There were thousands of people alive, the day before you arrived. How many are alive today, I wonder? How many will be alive tomorrow? Do those you fail come back to haunt your dreams? Their blood is on your hands...Do you feel like a hero yet?
  10. You didn't try hard enough... ...Do you feel like a hero yet?
  11. And Nope
  12. There were assumptions made by some participants vis a vis the route restriction (there never was one, just that the convoy would use the MSR, if an ambush or circumstances prevent the convoy from using the MSR, an intelligent person could surmise that they would divert for as long as needed before getting back on, which the police did) and also camping the destination of which I had made unknown in the event messages but for some reason a medic told everyone the details. Finally, nobody was arrested and processed, just like the event message promised. There were those who were restrained who I was able to, for the most part, promptly release. No rules were broken or changed, the final destination was changed and an event message was sent for the benefit of the civ participants to that effect. The civ force made false assumptions. The event was pretty balanced as the civs made it I believe 300-500m away from their destination with their intended target. Secondly, at no time did I rule out the Police using an Orca and even then it was only used to bring the HVT back to the MSR to a soft-skin vehicle. Also it was 5v17, the civs were highly favored to win. However, the cops going off "script" was required as there were, as previously stated the end location was divulged for no reason. There was one civ cas who was compensated for their losses. The event is meant to be a challenge but a fair and logical challenge, I'm not gonna order the Charge of the Light Brigade for the cops to make the civ competitors lives easier. The Police force used their wits and out thought and out maneuvered the civs. The aforementioned final location for the cops was compromised as an event participant accidentally released that information. Participants were meant to hunt, acquire, take possession of and free the HVTs (like they did up until the lost the HVT) and not find out the final location and set up shop there as I never told them the final destination, my event messages, from the very beginning said an unknown location. For all you know, there could have been unknown alternates. Revealing the final destination would not have been fair to the cops. HOWEVER, I will make an effort to be more clear and isolate the sides for a full verbal brief in the future so that comments concerns and better ground rules for events can be established. Your comments have been heard, details have been given to you as to the logic of the event, and I will take them into consideration. As for one thing I see in the future will be a Teleport to an area for a civ briefing to outline objectives, RoEs and address all concerns and queries participants have. As for your assumption that everyone was disappointed, there were many, cop and civ, who expressed their enjoyment. If anyone has any issues or event ideas for the future, feel free to message me and I will do my best to action your concerns or work with you to create your event.