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  1. Don't worry I just interviewed myself, I'm awesome so I passed and got tags, thanks News Team, you're awesome too!
  2. Soooo, I can see my own application, should I just approve it and call it a day?
  3. I'm calling bullshit, just saying that most toolkits have actual tools in them. @Muthinator If you renamed the toolkits to "Random piles o' shit that may fix your shit" then I'm on board.
  4. It does irk me slightly that the toolkit just vanishes into the ether. "Hmmmmm I just finished fixing my car but my tools have all vanished into a puff of smoke" Also, @Ignis you'll pay for that....
  5. When dad forgets to pay the bills...


  6. Get that shit off your profile pic!

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    2. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      8 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

      hehe lol

      Why in the hell are you still allowed to post

    3. Tman15tmb


      I changed it, don't worry! It's less insulting now ^____^



      13 minutes ago, Lethals Loaded said:

      Why in the hell are you still allowed to post

      Cause I pay off the admins...



      btw thanks bb. Although I wish a kid would get a warning point cause it would look funny.

  7. You don't see Mercury puking on himself...just sayin
  8. Yes
  9. You solved a combat logger for me but he had a $690K bounty. Will i get compensation??

    1. Goodman


      If you want compensation you have to submit a compensation report separate from the player report. It's fine if you use the same evidence just make sure to submit a separate ticket under the separate department.

    2. YourAvgNoLife


      Ok Thanks so much

  10. @Bubbaloo Burrito I'll leave this for when you're ready to play yourself out amigo
  11. OH! So its a bid war you want, alright lets go gentleman! @ScreaM@Hectic@DatBoiMystic will just tell you who it is and they'll even pay you for it, starting payment opens at 500k I'm out, y'all win!
  12. I already know who it is, whatever @ScreaM wants, I'll give it to you for less...
  13. Defibz o7
  14. Have a birthday @DaneG @Gibbs

    1. DaneG


      Thanks Merc, I'll sure try! :P

    2. Gibbs


      Thanks man!

  15. Oh so the little pussy admin is from korea. good to know.

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    2. Fuzy


      @DanteFleury He got banned for ban evading so he is a little salty. 



      inb4 locked. But yeah, He's in South Korea. not cummunist. He's an English teacher. Have fun getting banned on the forums too.

    4. Sociopathic


      Wow man, calling him a little pussy admin is rude af, he is clearly a moderator.




      Get your facts straight.