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  1. Apparently being honest and curbing everyone's expectations of getting this anytime soon makes me a whiny bitch. Yet, you dont want to work on something that a lot of people, not just me, want because of what I said. Whats that make you?
  2. Cant do anything else with it...
  3. Ok so I just got out of a meeting with the devs... Bottom line. No one could agree on anything and according to them they will not be able to look into Shipwrecks until mid March at the earliest. Sorry everyone. I have been trying to get this in for over six months now, but at this point I dont see it happening anytime soon. RIP the dream.
  4. Are you really going to want to go to 3 or 4 different shipwrecks around the map before you find something worth while. Again I dont think its wise to over-complicate the crap out of it. Lets just get it going first and go from there.
  5. My personal opinion here. 1) eliminates the need for other traders then. Not smart IMO, people will camp the shit out of it because depending on its location it would likely get used exclusively rather then using the established traders. Olympus used to have this and it was awful. 2) Removing the worthless shit, to me, would be annoying and feel like a waste of time. Just my opinion. I wouldnt want to sit there and go through it to get rid of crap I dont want. In the end people would likely only retain the most valuable thing. To have to sit there and pick and sort and pick and sort would get old really fast. 3) If someone wants to rob you they will figure it out regardless of how long it takes. Where there is a will there is a way. 4) I would be pretty pissed if i finally picked through all the crap just to get robbed when I finally get what I want. Again the above is my personal opinion. It sounds good on paper but I think it will get annoying AF when people are out gathering. Most people are impatient enough as it is with the current set up for legal and illegal market item gathering, processing, and selling. Its made to be like turtles in a sense but legal. Its already difficult enough to get out on the water and do something. Adding in extra steps, such as transferring items into a heli or vehicle after sorting through crap, will kill the fun. Not only will it take longer but it will also leave you exposed. Again... Not asking for off the wall ideas that pertain to other things. The purpose of this thread is to narrow down how we are going to implement this future.
  6. "Dont go off the wall suggesting some crazy shit that will take forever to implement."
  7. We have not forgotten about ship wrecks. They are still on the developmental horizon; however, Poseidon/Jesse and I have varying opinions as to how they should be implemented. So here are the two options. 1 - Collect a set item at a few designated ship wrecks on the map, take the collected items back to a designated trader once your inventory is full or you are satisfied, sell it (NO PROCESSING REQUIRED), and bathe in your riches in Kavala square and get RDM'd by Joe. 2 - Collect existing legal items (copper, cement, platinum, diamond, etc..) that are also ALREADY PROCESSED at ANY ship wreck on the map. The items you are collecting are gathered at random. So for example. Once your inventory is full you will have say 10 diamond, 15 copper, 8 platinum, 20 sand, and 12 cement. Again, you will not need to process these items; however, you will need to take your misc items to the designated traders around the map. You would obviously need to transition your precious goods into a land vehicle to cash them in. Pros and Cons 1 - Pros - Less travel required, quicker runs, and more likely to run into fellow gatherers to actually RP with. Cons - Cannot collect at all shipwrecks, only designated ones. 2 - Pros - Can collect at any shipwreck, less likely to run into other people since you can go anywhere. Cons - Less likely to run into other people to engage in sweet RP, Must transition goods into a land/air vehicle to cash in or store, items are gathered at random which requires travel to multiple traders around the map to sell small amounts of gathered items. Alternative would be to store items up and sell at a later date. More time consuming There are probably more pros and cons to each but that lists a few major ones that come to mind. Vote for what you think you would like the most. Again, VOTE FOR WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE. Dont go off the wall suggesting some crazy shit that will take forever to implement. These are the two choices. If you truly have a good idea feel free to bring it up. But again, this vote is to figure out which method should be implemented, not collect 12 other different methods to consider.
  8. You didnt know? The community runs Olympus of course, not the devs or designers or admins or mods that put in countless hours everyday. Its so much easier to piss and moan and cry and blame something that you have no idea if its actually causing issues or not. WHAT! You didnt make the changes that I want and delete everything! Time to get mad and go cry on the forums. I am done trying to explain it to fuck tards that wont except anything other then a fucking NPC and a sign in the middle of the desert that says hospitals. What a joke. The R&R is a part of the server so stop crying about it. If your piece of shit computers wont run the game right then go do something else or change your settings. Go play a gutted server that doesent have anything on it. I know, lets downgrade the server so that we can appease all the cry babies. What a great idea. I have a descent computer but its by no means top notch and it runs fine in that area. I also get the same shit issues everyone else gets at random times in random places and guess what, about 95% of the time I am no where near any hospital. Hmmmm, do you know what I noticed. Having a bunch of cop cars in one area causes lag and texture bugs. Fuck it lets remove the cop textures and give em civ cars. We will do it for the medics as well because textures are evil! Shit just having a lot of vehicles in one area causes performance drop. Ive got it! Lets just remove all the vehicles so everyone can walk around. I got a texture bug running once though. We better remove Red Gull and Coffee so you cant run very long. But wait! Trees and grass and walls and buildings cause issues too. Fuck it, lets remove those so that we get 200+ FPS! Whats that you say? Your eyes dont generally pick up on anything above 40-60FPS. Shit fam, I need that 200 FPS though. My eyes are special and I can see the difference. It may not have occurred to some of you but some people play servers based on how they look and the interesting things they have to offer. Not so they can go around saying "hands up or die, hands up or die" to every player they see. This is a bad joke at this point. Two videos just showed how there is a small drop in frames but its still completely playable. And thats flying an Orca directly at the hospital its self and sitting there. The hole area could be empty around the airport and you would still get frame drops. Should we remove the airport terminal and Fed as well? How About the APD HQ? We can put a sign right next to the R&R sign in the middle of the desert that says "APD". Nah, lets just keep bitching about one thing despite the fact that Arma got tore the fuck up after the Tanoa update and performance and texture bugs occur anywhere at any time for reason that the game developer does not even know. Read the stuff that Jesse linked... Bohemia doesent even know WTF is going on and they made the game. what makes any of you experts that can determine that its all being caused by one building, a handful of walls, a few decor items, and some NPC's? The fact is that you dont know and your on a freeking witch hunt and a select few jump on the cry baby ban wagon. Fun fact. Roughly 35-40% of of the stuff around the Athira Hospital has been removed over the course of the last few months and guess what. It made no difference. What if we did remove the entire thing and it still didnt make a difference. Oh I know, I am sure you would all find something else to piss and moan about in no time...
  9. WOT! Its not that. Its the shit hospitals and stupid textures! Duh...
  10. If that makes you happy. Again dont expect it to solve your problems.
  11. Well I just went through another round of removing more stuff. If you think about it, and really think about it, if we gave the community every damn thing that it asked for this would be one fucked up server. People would drive tanks around and fly attack helis. How much fun would that be. If you are gonna bitch about something be reasonable and listen to what is being said. I took the time to watch your videos, read your post, respond to it, and make more changes despite the fact that I have read countless ones like it and made drastic changes that have not made a difference for performance. I did that and again I went through and removed more stuff. At this point there are probably between 40-50 decor pieces left at the hospital. There is more then that in Kavala square. The rest is NPCs, walls, lights, and the hospital its self. According to Poseidon the lights really dont have any effect on performance. There are a metric ass ton of walls everywhere on Arma so I dont see them causing many issues. There really are no special items around the hospitals other then the structure itself, and its scripted in. As people are saying frames drop and texture bugs happen everywhere. The only concern is is that when they occur around the hospitals people freak out and go on the forums and rant about it. Dont get all butt hurt because you are not getting the answers that you want to hear. Again if you dont want to pony up and talk about it and you just want to opossum up and not read anyone's responses then dont bother bringing shit up.
  12. If you dont want to talk about it dont bring it up.