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  1. Enjoy the retirement!
  2. I spell how I want to spell! Dont Gudge me!
  3. I am steeling this!
  4. I don't always play cop, but when I do I RP the shit out of it. However, to me RP comes before processing occurs, not during. Processing should simply be an explanation of charges and an opportunity to bail out if your charges allow it. RP should transpire during the initial stop. Call me crazy but I treat it a bit like real life to a small extent. The only time I reduce charges is when people are cooperative. The moment you decide to fight or flee you get the book thrown at you. I would say those with high bounties are treated the same way but I wouldn't know. No person with a high bounty ever goes without a fight. Also, why should a person get a break after they are combative or if they have multiple high profile charges? If you commit the crime expect to do the time. If you fight don't expect to get any leniency, or for the cop to care about how cool and elaborate your story is. I let people talk but if they fight, flee, or they have a high bounty they are getting the full boat.
  5. Welcome to Arma!
  6. There is only one type of blacklist because that is all we need. If you are a person that habitually breaks rules, you are toxic, or you are a big enough dumb dick to get permanently removed then I have no sympathy for you when you say you "miss medic" and want to play again. Thats the incentive for everyone to play to the spirit of the role and follow the rules. Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes... Also, we do review blacklists when people request. However, most are kept in place because people need to really screw the pooch to get blacklisted.
  7. But when we do arrive, we are prepared!
  8. I do NOT have a soft spot in my heart for people that blame alcohol for the indiscretion of their actions while intoxicated.
  9. Time is not a part of the equation that will solve the problem.
  10. Chapter VII - Medical Interaction 1. Medics shall obtain verbal, or written, permission from a citizen prior to administering any form of medical aid. 2. Civilians that request a revive after expiring are automatically providing their consent to receive medical attention. 2.1. Deceased players cannot revoke a revive request. 3. Citizens cannot order a medic to revive a deceased player. 4. Citizens may only interfere with a medic performing his or her duties by ordering the medic to stop reviving, or not to revive, a player, group, or gang. 4.1. Communication must be established and adhere to the following guidelines: 4.1.1. Requests must be delivered via direct chat or EMS text message 4.1.2. Civilians must specify the deceased player, group, or gang by name in text or by indicating the individual in person 4.1.3. Civilians should specify who is making and enforcing the threat 4.2. Medics who choose to initiate, or continue, a revive after being instructed not to can be killed by the individual or group issuing the warning. 5. Medics shall not disclose the names or locations of any revive request, or call for service, with any person who is not directly employed and currently serving on active duty with the Rescue and Recovery. 5.1. Medics may seek APD assistance if a call for service is coming from within an illegal area. 5.2 Medics may seek APD assistance if the circumstances surrounding the call for service are suspicious or appear malicious in nature. 5.2.1. Medics requesting assistance are not authorized to release the names of any individual who is requesting medical services under any circumstance unless the request is being made to facilitate a player report for misconduct. 6. Medics may report observed criminal activity or suspicious circumstances at any time if they so choose. 6.1. Medics may release the name of a living individual after the name has been obtained verbally via legitimate roll-play. 6.2. Notifications shall not be conducted in an effort to assist the APD in catching wanted individuals.
  11. That would be the one.