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  1. If you equip a GA you cant wear CSAT. If you equip CSAT you cant wear GA
  2. Keep CSAT and remove GA rig
  3. apd

    Nice tactical re spawn. kappa
  4. Best Shot: Me Best Driver: Me Best Heli Pilot: Me Best Officer: Me Best R&R: Could be me Best Kavala Troll (Not rulebreaker, legitimately funny RP): Could be me Best RP'r: Swervy Most Tactical: Me Funniest/Most enjoyable to play with: Me Most Reliable: Me Most Dedicated Player: Me
  5. Selling Abdera 4 crater and 3 crater. List reasonable prices only.
  6. Selling server 1 abdera 4 crater and 3 crater. Dp9 garage and Dp11 garage.... All server 1. List prices below.

  7. https://gyazo.com/d5cd78faab311067ccc8d4ffb3fce522 When you are at the top of it.

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  8. Yeah I am gonna need credit for that screenshot ^
  9. @Jesse Maybe you could give us the option to buy small towers or something similar so people have the ability to defend there Gangshed?
  10. Your welcome @CheckUrFoodNWater
    1. asdasd123


      what the fuck why do I want to kill myself now OH FUCK NO IM KILLING MYSELF

  11. Dont listen to dustin87 my 3 crater and garage is better. <3