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  1. I am working in building a new cartel right now that will replace the castle one. It sucks because the castle is in the perfect spot. Any changes I make from a design standpoint will have minimal impact when it comes to balance there, so for that reason I'll move it. As for the big tower, I'll ask the community in a poll. Other than the tower, is the salt flat cartel fun to fight?
  2. I'm not endorsing Tanoa, but in regards to a third server, let's see where we are at this summer.
  3. Is the big tower too op for the surrounding area? Too laggy ? Not enough cover to push?
  4. Hey all, Now that the new Cartels are in (mostly) I want you nerds there fighting. Flesh them out fully, hit them with every strategy both on defense and offense. Once you think you have a grasp on them, please leave some feedback below. I would like hear a bit of feedback in regards to tweaks that could be made to better improve the cartel experience FROM A DESIGN Standpoint. Serious feedback only, trolls will be permanently moderated, reported, banned, and have their accounts wiped. Go!
  5. I hope everyone is ready for a Peter Long weekend! I just closed on my house,  I have 48 beers,  and the PC is set up! T minus 3 hours till a fun weekend!! 

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    2. Ignis


      @Tman15tmb If you are so good at math, then what does 12 units of time equal?

    3. Tman15tmb


      12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years

      Depends how motivated Poseidon and the rest of the Dev's feel.

    4. Jesse


      Woah don't associate me with this 12 units non-sense.

  6. Bruh
  7. Fuck you @McDili. Thought my phone was going to burn up in my hand. 

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    2. Danger
    3. Pledge


      2 hours ago, Danger said:


      Who knew @Tman15tmb was so feminine looking?

    4. Danger


      I think we all knew it... @Pledge

  8. Peter Be My Valentine? :wub:

  9. yup
  10. Old Warzone rebel will be added back. Finished it this morning.
  11. Podcast tonight! 8pm est,  twitch.tv/sirpeterlong

    1. Joel


      Just added money to my paypal. Prepare 

  12. Tomorrow, 8pm est. BE THERE! twitch.tv/sirpeterlong
  13. 11 RDMs in 1 day.  Back for more tomorrow! 

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    2. Silton


      technically its not rdm you're already engaged. as the goal said :) 

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      @Peter Long was just outsmarted by @Silton

      your move Peter.

    4. Sociopathic


      Perm him and moderate him Peter

  14. Bring it on.  T minus 10 hours and 19 minutes. 

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    2. Sociopathic


      Yeah... ik... imagine Peters bounty after day 1. It'll be hugggggeeeeeee.....


      peter will probably just roll around in a strider or hunter or something.

    4. Ignis


      I want to pit maneuver you with my jet.

  15. Peter check your pm's m8