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  1. Banned for the necro. Lifted cuz the feels.
  2. I have over 100 hours in elite dangerous. Come say hi to my python sometime. PvE is awesome in that game, I haven't gotten back into it in a while, but it's a blast. I highly recommend getting a joystick and throttle if you are going to play however, it's way more immersive with one. Thrustmaster Hotas X is a good quality one for cheap that I use. Minecraft is a fun game, however you gotta play Sky factory. It's dope.
  3. Roll out Optimus. o7
  4. All good brotha. You will see the staff more often than not online after the holidays. I am personally on a vacation, however most of the staff are always in TS. I suggest talking to a support team member if you have an issue, and they will walk you through how to handle your problems.
  5. Rip Carrie Fisher. 



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    2. Rogue


      Have a good one

    3. |Viper|


      Merry Christler

    4. Mory Mango

      Mory Mango

      Yo Peter, does NATO have to ship your mash potatoes or what?

  7. "12 units"
  8. Gang Wars Leader meeting tonight at 8 est for those who can make it.  We are going to make some changes.  

  9. What's your budget?
  10. Chicken Ramen and throw some Sriracha in that bitch. 10/10
  11. Congrats to the following Gangs for their acceptance into Gang Wars VIII: The Detectives Anarchy Vortex Violence of Action Oceanus ZeroFucks The Inactives Absence The Great Tree Evolved Moob and Co Blackwater There will be a gang leader meeting tonight @8pm est. If you cannot make it, send a representative for your gang. If they cannot make it, your gang is disqualified for the Gang Wars. CONGRATS AGAIN PLEBS.
  12. Just a heads up,  rosters for Gang Wars are due tomorrow by noon est. I have 1 gang currently signed up.  Get those rosters in guys!! 

    1. Fuzy


      It's a bust.

    2. TheRandomOne


      1 gang? Guess they win by default.

    3. Skeeter McGraw

      Skeeter McGraw

      Okay Skeeter and the Boys are going to join

      The Boys

  13. Incorrect. Correct.
  14. Confirmed no GA or defibs in either gang wars. Prize for Gang Wars IX will be the biggest in history.