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  1. not my dekstop, but the pictures can be used to promote our server by showing it to the outside world
  2. They look really good Continue to make theese good for promoting Olympus
  3. They did not see that comming xD
  4. you will be missed my good friend, it is never gonna be the same without you brother
  5. Sad to see you step down from Chief, but happy to still have you around bro
  6. Christmas is right around the corner, and that means limited time to be online.. So with that being said i wish you all a merrry Christmas and a happy new year I will not be able to come online until after new years eve so thanks to everyone for a wonderful 2016, and i see you all in 2017 Fluffy out <3
  7. can't send people to jail at that vigi shop... haven't tested the other vigi shops yet
  8. Vigishop Kavala is broken AGAIN xD
  9. I woke up at 7am just to wish you happy brithday. :Kappa:

    Happy Birthday Teddy!

  10. You will be missed buddy <3
  11. @Parker Radley you clairly said that you are on cop right now and you don't care and then you tell him to Kill himself.. Unproffessional behaviour that SHOULD not happen when you are on cop.....
  12. I love how warning shots can only be used inside a redzone, yet everyone uses warningshots to engage a medic all over the map.. I am gonna remember that next time i recieve warningshots outside of a redzone and land..
  13. #BringBackStatsPage

  14. Awesome ^^