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  1. Odin contributed? tear gas?
  2. Go APD. Bruesch is a cheese brain.
  3. oh captain my captain. As I've said before, ONE STEP CLOSER.
  4. Happy Birthday, Scroty Dunderwood! Celebrate responsibly. 

  5. GOAT Sucks Winkler

    1. Corporal_moob



  6. The one on the left is making the same face I've always imagined @Rusty having all the time.
  7. Wake up at 7. puke. go back to sleep. good start to the last day of break

  8. Too much R&R influence on Olympus now.

  9. @ whichever admin or mod took down the perfectly reasonable discussion of different ideas between me and the HEAD ADMIN grandma gary.  unless it was poseidon you overstepped your bounds.  next time maybe read what each side has to say and contribute positively instead of shutting down a legitimate conversation.  Whenever an important issue is discussed on the forums some of you guys want to COMPLETELY shut the fucking community out of it because it COULD cause SOME flame.  FUCK THAT.  Flaming gets everyone's ideas out there.  If it doesn't hurt anyone then let people say what they need to say.  christ

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Fedot


      No @brodyunderwood1, would you want him to give his honest opinion or would you rather him hide this post because it seems like a flame post to me. And I'm the King of Flame

    3. Tman15tmb


      Yep, this is going nowhere. In the future if you want to have a legit discussion go to TS and keep it off the forums.

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      @brodyunderwood1 While I do appreciate some of the things you said on the posts that were hidden you know that these kind of discussions are not beneficial to the server. Having a discussion is fine but someone made the decision to stop it before it went too far. Also, the disciplinary library was getting cluttered with unnecessary comments and a clean up was needed either way. I suggest that if you want to take this further just contact Gary directly on TS and both of you can sit down and have a reasonable talk. 

  10. we all know that if Peter was gonna stream anything besides gang wars it'd be social eating @Peter Long
  11. talk to CoB
  12. Lets not forget, that just because someone isn't the owner of a house, doesn't always mean that they don't have the ability to access crates or inventory. There is no way for an officer to know if the people in said house obtained the key through legitimate means (which would mean the owner could give them access to crates but not show them as owner) or if they lockpicked it and were just hiding inside. That is enough for a reasonable man to think that something illegal may be occurring in the house. Probable Cause. This is what would make it unreasonable to change the rule to what you've proposed. at least in my opinion. (inb4 @Peter Long comes in with "FUCK YOUR OPINION" :P) @Talindor also just realized it was @Fedot who originally posted this my bad.
  13. Just found a high school kid passed out in my bushes.  Happy 4th.