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  1. IQ

    I'm super smart! Although it's just that i have common sense
  2. i have been off school since november 17th
  3. your only choice would be to execute them, or just kill them like before you taze them(it isn't against the rules to taze people with bounties less than 40k). You could just un-restrain them on the water after you buy a wetsuit so you have time to get away. You could just taze them then leave the are. many things you could do.
  4. Most Valuable Player: Taxi Marty
  5. I love(d) medic (sadly blacklisted now XD, but yeah, other than that, civ!
  6. worth the 22 minutes 20 seconds.
  7. Well, that seems unlucky fam, but you should have reconnected and turned yourself in!!!
  8. Happy Birthday, thanks for all the bans you have given me over the past few years!!! <3

    1. Tman15tmb


      Lol, thanks man! I don't remember banning you that much... could be the weed fucking up my memory. ^__^

  9. Kimbo, they aren't "Awful", you want to talk to Plumber, but he isn't online, deal with that... He has a life too you know, also you should have logged back in and turned yourself in, that's what you need to do when your game crashes with a bounty(obviously only when in custody of APD or a Vigilante). when Plumber gets on you can't expect him to talk to you immediately either, as he may want to do other things. But just be patient, you will get spoken to eventually(hopefully).
  10. can confirm that gang sheds are expensive, as explained by my balance!
  11. can confirm vigi is having problems, friends aren't getting the money either!
  12. could possibly be selling an mxc, yes an mxc, not an mx, just wandering how much you guys reckon it would go for. it's like super rare, the super old mx from like ages ago... yea so it's real old, and i only have one.

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    2. JBruesch


      Youre gonna get nothing for it, whatwould you rather have, a MX or MXC? MX you can buy for somewhat cheep if you ask around in square for a bit, or just rop a PO yourself. MXC is worse, and youre potentially asking more for it

    3. Rosie


      I remember when @Fat Clemenza@Dejay, and I were in the process of raiding your house so you combat logged to save that gun.

    4. Liam Chapman

      Liam Chapman

      @Rosie, lost that one a long time ago...

  13. negative, new gun is the Spar-16, mxc was canceled i think. still have one though, from ages ago when patrol officers got them