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  1. o7
  2. TheRealKyle, APD Sergeant


  3. If I wore it would my aim get worse?
  4. lol. DO NOT BUY THAT COMPUTER. It has ddr2 memory and only 4gbs of it. Your best bet would be to buy used parts and building the computer yourself. Especially with the tower that computer has it would be difficult to add a graphics card. Even though it's a cheap temporary fix, in the end it would be better if you saved that $130 and put it towards better parts, at least a skylake i3 and a 960. Just never buy a prebuilt computer it's not worth trust. These are the computers my high school had and it could barely run Google Drive, if that helps you at all.
  5. Ill sell you a r9 380x for 200$
  6. I'm live once again living the apd grind
  7. Never trust a fart.

  8. Hey everyone I was forced to make a new twitch and I changed my name, but I wanted to make this into a hobby. I ask that you guys stop by, say hi and not hesitate to make suggestions on how I can make my stream better. I would really appreciate it! http://twitch.tv/itsignis
  9. I had the fx6300. Eh for wasteland and epoch, terrible for altislife