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  1. Those rules are still 100% pointless is said Player is using APD equipment to keep officers tazed and restrained during a BW/FED
  2. http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ bud
  3. Hopefully News Team actually goes somewhere this time, don't fuck up bois

    1. TheRandomOne


      Well, that's up to @ThatRandomGuy. I'm excited to see what he does with it

    2. ThatRandomGuy


      Its defenetly not going to include a lot of porn

  4. Might want to mention which vest/uniform like Rank wise.
  5. Shit with Snipez getting Corporal I feel extremely convenient on getting Sergeant. 

    1. Dejay



    2. Orgondo


      10/10 Autocorrect won this time.

  6. Sorry at this point in time none of us in Tree are trying to sell any of our houses.
  7. Not true, my download speed is 65mb/s on steam
  8. Can confirm he sucks balls
  9. It's just random and funky, why we don't go to S1 a lot because a lot of my guys including me have lag issues on it, yet were completely fine on S2
  10. Happy Birthday to the boi @The Haunter, we miss you my dude. 

  11. You do realize he has 16gb of ram already and Arma 3 is a 32bit game and only utilizes 2Gb if your ram.. And Gskill is alright Weathers, corsair is better however if you can find some HyperX ram id highly suggest getting it over anything else.
  12. Yeah i will vouche with Gary and Creepy. Krakens are the best headsets i've ever used. They're extremely comfortable and the quality is great. And they're not entirely all that expensive.
  13. 43mins in an orca while being chased by a fully loaded mk200 bench hummy (MC) while flying parallel to them was a fully loaded MCPD hummy. And I got titan'd once during the chance by I think John Wayne? Needless to say I distracted the entire server for 43mins while my entire gang did a 12 truck meth runs, fucking bastards.
  14. 1. Nov, 2006 2. Zeus 3. Lemnos (Greece) 4. Poseidon 5. Zeus 6. 9 7. 2014 8. 17. not including devs 9. OS 10. Talindor