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  1. 1. Nov, 2006 2. Zeus 3. Lemnos (Greece) 4. Poseidon 5. Zeus 6. 9 7. 2014 8. 17. not including devs 9. OS 10. Talindor
  2. I'm going to fucking murder you Ares
  3. Better? 1. Nov, 2006 2. Zeus 3. Lemnos (Greece) 4. Poseidon 5. Zeus 6. 9 7. 2014 8. 16. not including devs 9. OS 10. Talindor
  4. That is literally correct Ares. I know my LOTR. 3 to the elves, 7 dwarves and 9 to the men, there was one additional ring and that was Sauron's ring.
  5. 6. is 9, i did total number of rings
  6. 1. Nov. 2006 2. Zues 3. Lemnos (Greece) 4. Poseidon 5. Ares 6. 19! 7. 2014 8. 16, if no devs included 9. MC then Tree 10. Talindor
  7. Played with you when you were PcP, then you merged to Tree, then to OS. One of the few people in this community I actually respect, my man, 07
  8. Shit I would have sung it just for fun!
  9. @TheRandomOne This is what i'll say bud, I have zero issue with you or your gang. Our video was titled with zero flame, not a single one of my members called you out in that post, shit talked you or anything of the sort. We didn't even mention any of you what so ever. So what I've been trying to get at is you posting this, titling it the way you have and with almost every post you've made here is only you attempting to start a flame war my dude. Zero reason for it. Just confuses me on why you want to start a flame war when there was no toxicity between our gangs until you posted this.
  10. Lol, yes were a huge laughing stock. Two year veteran cartel gang, with some of the top players on the server vs SB a glorified Scat gang that requires 1500+ hours to join when you don't even do cartels or anything of importance.
  11. I think the difficulty you are having here is our video was a solid meme of y'all getting fucked out of 8mil. However we didn't call you out whatsoever simply just posted the video. You on the other hand are flat out attempting to call us out when you stand no chance in all reality.
  12. So exactly what was the point in this post? You mk200 spray down a Hatchback for a kill on a naked. Then yes you do indeed turn on Monkey, whoopity do
  13. I couldn't give a fuck less about GAs, remove them for all I care all y'all will just die from my nades 20m away because you lost the explosive resistance; however CSAT clothing just is the only shit that looks decent.
  14. Yet everyone is still dying within 2 bullets, I really don't see why this is even being brought up again what so ever