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  1. Wish i woulda known i would have sold my taxi lic
  2. So.... (happy birthday moob) @Corporal_moob Upgrading my computer again, I guess?... lol Computer locked up on me. Odd proccessing but no responce with any USB inputs Hmm... maybe it over heated or somethings loose. Opens case and looks closer, wiggles mouse nothing. Go to get up and mouse cable pulls the coffee cup almost all into the OPEN computer case.... feck me. (Backs broke in 2 places still healing so it can be a pain to get up, mouse cable was loose and bad cable management on my part, bad theak bad!) Don't worry the ssd absorbed most of the coffee. Thirsty bastered she was. Gpu cpu and ram on motherboard all good! Apd will have to wait till after christmas. I applied and I failed. Easy questions too. lt just nerves and missed a few detailed areas when studying. Buddy has ssd harddrive and win10. Better than win 8.1 (that's the upgrade lol) Hopefully all the footage I took will be recoverable. If not I'm starting all over again. So be ready to be taken hostage to a far away place. Lol. Who knows maybe I'll be kidnapping people for a labor squad. (I'm always fair to my slave labor buahaha). Gotta get ready for the Christmas rush of noobs. Also buying all the dlcs here too. That's right screw you icon on the right and messing my gd screen up will I'm trying to crash land. Geeezzz. Thinking of doing a giveaway to some of my hostages. Might buy a few copies of apex, or better yet I'll buy an extra sniper dlc or chopper one to give away, maybe in game money too. Might mess with her tonight so maybe I'll be on. But for testing purposes only. See you guys around. Mr. Theak over and out
  3. Sorry that's solid state hard drive (ssd), for you poor people. I'm not running 'merca computionic 101 here so google or use that bad ass translate provided above. I poured coffee on my harddrive basically. Click bait ass.... well I don't sell ass so !?!?dufeck?!? And idgf if ugf so gtfo if you h8n I'm posting to update the people I play with. Test run later Mr. Theak
  4. Will Mr. Theak Join the APD and become a peacekeeper? Find out right here, with updates. Wish me luck. Application accepted; studying alittle more; lets see if ill be roaming the streets of Altis at the ready to assist Civs. For some of you that were asking about R&R: Ill always be around to help and i decided; I've been a medic, and while i always lend a hand when i can APD is my next venture. Maybe ill sign up for R&R part time down the road. Regardless, you can find me flying around lending a hand were I can. Ready to make with the fun! Mr. Theak Over and Out
  5. Well friends, Take one is a fail. That is what should be expected your first time around. Very nice interviewing officer, i appreciate the time taken aside to do interviews. I also appreciate the testing process. Back to studying, missed a few things that as a new Constable will need to know. Who knows maybe i don't make the cut, maybe i continue to help like i have been, either way ill continue to play on this server. Any other APD applicants want to study send me a message. Off to drown my sorrows lol. Mr. Theak Over and Out
  6. Yes this sounds really cool. pay per upload and add it to the donations goal per month then everyone gets it. Take the fee per upload and buy hardware as needed , extra harddrive...etc Gangs would be the one funding this addition though lets be honest. If the people are having issuses playing the game i can relate to laggie frame rates and this possibly adding to the data bottle neck. However, i reccommend upgrading your rig then i did and no regrets. you should upgrade your rig regularly aswell, like changing the oil in your car, especcially for a game like arma3, parts are cheap to set up a rig to run the game good. I do remember trying to use a gang 'logo' and it messed up every here and there. If you can't afford it, well then you can't afford it, but should be able to see others using it. Because you know thats half the point, look how cool i look, why else pay to upload. I could see rp issues with things like.... team call outs if one person has the add on and others dont one would see a dark purple purple heli while others would see a green hulk heli. Rp could be walnky. As long as its not a pay to play, or pay to have an tactical advantage. I dont see anyone but the hardcore players paying any subscription type deal and even then idk. I guess it would also depend on how its going to be implimented. Short term, long term. I just thought of something, let me skin my house some bad ass way like 'christmas lights' or big pot leaf,....something random id prob donate. Honestly this server is great, new features might draw in new people and i could see it attracting enough people to swamp down the servers with newbies. keep up the good work Mr, Theak Over and Out
  7. ya, im accually going to study. in all honesty it is alittle scuueerrryyy lol. say what you want but if your going to take it seriously then you should study not try to wing it. your not going to learn everything overnight, but atleast get the basics down, ya your gonna learn as you go too. They wont give everyone one who whats to be a cop a badge. If you want to try it out... go play vig. If i am to deal with all you 16yr old teenieboppers complaining about how many marbels they lost i want to know the correct why to handle babysitting, while you through a tantrum ;> While i will help noobs and randos when i can i would like to be able to have them come to me and me accually be able to be of some assistance. Arma Karma is real, and this is a role play server. Want to just kill people, i recommend king of the hill. Want to have an awesome time and make some friends in a vw come here. Whiskey says hi! Mr. Theak Over and Out
  8. Meet Whiskey, she's our black little Weenie!

    Figured I'd update the Account 

  9. i thought turtles was pointless. Did the spawn timer get fixed?
  10. When trying to chop a vhopper A: what does clam do and B: do you have to have keys to chop. This free chopper that was just laying around really doesnt want to get chopped. Thanks
  11. Sorry for the abrupt cut off there, i tore my rig apart to upgrade it and well it took longer to do than i thought. Vehicle was an orcha i found. abandoned, at the airfield. my thoughts are either someone dsynced while parking it, died and alt f4 to save their load out, or they died of water and just logged out. After looking around i'm not the only one having issues like this. I hope someone isn't trying to exploit the game. I had 3 people in and out of the chopper no pull bodys available or anything...full keys truck and all, i think maybe the chopper was so awesome it wasnt having it. I did get to watch later that night someone fail to get my orcha chopped so they purposely, let anti air blow them up... i say let laughing ( i think they made 3 passes) cost me alittle in ins... knowing 2 people lost a load out and looked really stingy, worth it. There's good Olympus players and there are hobos, what can you do, its part of arma. Ya, I'm alittle salty about it but Arma Karma I will be benchmark testing and configuring my new set up tonight Maybe ill see you guys on, if you need a lift (and your not an ars hole) `Outlaw Transportation` should be up and running tonight. Also, thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciate the community effort, this is why i like Olympus and why i help people cheap or free of charge.
  12. watching someone try to seal my chopper knowing its bugged lolo
  13. no rebel chopper unlocked and i lockpicked it anyway
  14. it wont let me chop it ... hu thats wierd and thanks
  15. Just curious, When you get a taxi lic is all you get a new garage spawn location? Or do you load in like you would a medic. I didnt know if there was a mecanic for feature or not. It would be cool like a medic to see where to pick people up. Naturally I like to help people out flying my Orcha or my purple hummingbird "Lucy I". Until I get my ol' job back as a medic you can find me in the skys acting like a Heathen. Its been awhile and i can't wait to get back into it. OutLaw Transportation can get the job done. Taxi Ride: 10k Cargo Transportation Air/Land: Ask for Pricing/Percentage. Repair/First Aid: 5k Mis.(food,water, ((ammo lockpicks etc...)): Pricing May Vary Corddinated Runs, Strike Team, Evac, Tac Insert, Air Insert... etc: Price Available Upon Request Now if your in a pinch and im messing around, ill prob help you out for free. In the name of Olympus, I wish you the best of luck. Mr. Theak Over and Out
  16. nice thanks, in about 10 minutes im going to look at that.
  17. Wow thank you for the information @Marty, I will look at that now. I didnt see the option to buy let alone change the skin color. @Tron The way i look at it isn't to make money, but to help the community. While yes your accurate and funny depiction is a high risk look at a taxi's job, none the less is another risk in the game. Weather your drug running, dimmond mining or just simply fishing there is always that lingering risk of... what if that @$$ hat(#Gang) is going to fly over and ruin my day. Terrorisom is real and fear controls the weak. Its a natural law that just ... is. You learn who to help and who to avoid. My goal is to help out when someone is having a rough go at it. Maybe arma decides it needs more steal in its diet and bam your brand new uninsured suv full of hopes and dreams is now on fire -.-. Frustration is a game killer and Arma can be frustrating on a good day. Like you said it yourself, you never played Taxi again ruining an entire part of the game for you. A part of the game that helps to assist others further isolating players. Sure you have the stardard scat players who prey on the weak and steal from the poor, im mean... we have all done it but what we dont have much of are players that go out of their way to accually help the Olympous server grow and prosper. You can fish in a barrel and eat like a king, or feed the fish and build an empire. The more you rob and piss everyone off the less they will want to play, lend a hand and make it an enjoyable game for all. OutLaw Transportation will be an indepently contracted service for the moment. Personally i like my little purple bird, Lucy I better. Arma Karma is real! Mr.Theak Over and Out
  18. Some of you know me, Some of you know of me, well I'm back again. Man I missed it. Apart from some, roughly roleplayed deaths I didn't agree with I had a blast. Arma is as Arma does. Arma Karma is real! Looking forward to seeing how MC has evolved or devolved. I remember what this beautiful world was, last employed as a part medic, full time heli-heathen ;), lets see what it has become and how it can be made better. See you guys around, look up Mr. Theak [ MC ] Theak Over and Out
  19. Hey its been a weird year. Healing for a back injury so i haven't gotten on in awhile. I plan on playing alot getting back on the r&r and maybe try out for the apd. Might tinker with a side server project but i really like these servers and most of the people in them. Sometimes the game can get heated, but remember its all for fun. Well i will see you guys out there.
  20. Hello, I will be playing more often now. I see alot has changed since i took off. Well as a general update my crohns disease is better but currently my back is broken. Long story short got plowed by a 16 yr old girl lol pervs. She (16yr) hit me in the drivers door going around 100mph trying to cross a 4 lane highway... So, Here i am. I plan on applying for medic again since i liked doing that before and helping people when i could. I might also go for apd, because i never did try it out, got close though. Well done for tonight i am getting the hang of it again quite nicely. See you guys around. Theak
  21. I figured I'd ask the people if they were experancing any similar issues like me. When i loaded in i had 0 gear, no map, gps, nothing... ok no biggie what ever ill just buy new gear. Go to my garage, windows key doesnt work. After 5 mins of me trying to figure it out i start walking and boom my garage inventory pops up. so i spawn a vehical and walk back to find my car upside down. takes another 2 minutes to get it to go back and store. Finally get to a place to buy gear and what do you know its bugged too. I buy gear and it doesnt appear right away so i figure maybe its just delayed so i wait. open inventory and i knotice some of it has spawned. ok cool maybe it will just take a min. pull out gun and wait. then a guy walks though the door at rebel so i pull the trigger and ... nothing happens... i have 1 of the 5 clips i bought and its reloaded but nothing. after he strolls in he looks at me finally and then kills me... great. there goes 100k load out and a chopper (guy odviously would chop it) (side note tells me 300k and i can have it back... um dude it cost less than that to insure it and your lucky the game was glitched or ya woulda been dead). ... anyway then i respawn and i have 2 bacon on me wtf?! ok try to buy gear at athira and it buggs out.... switching my cloths i just bought back and forworth from civ to the clothes i bought.... The point of this rant is to see if anyone else is having any issues. As i dont record i dought i will be getting comped for any of it and as i have learned screen shots dont count (understanably). Sucks that im out around 400k, which isnt that big of a deal but its the point. Any ETA on how long this will take to get fixed. I finally have time to play and now i can't go fig. Hopefully this wont effect the speratic population. I will reattempt to play agian in an hour or 2. Thanks for the positive community input. Theak
  22. I just tried again, same issues. many witnesses to the arma bugs i was experiencing. Group of guys tried robing me, couldn't take my gear. i couldn't flip a vehicle that spawned upside down, and now a new bug for me... when i die or respawn or even log out reload the game and log back in i can pick the location to spawn, sometimes with the gear i had on previously. odd. will be messaging the admins to make them fully aware so i dont get a weird ban.
  23. Anyone else having issues since the 1.4 update. The game is unplayable now mp. I've tried alot of things to try fixing this but im stuck at 5-10 fps instaid of 30-50 before the update. Thank you for your time and input
  24. I have the same hardware i had before the update getting a much higher fps rating so i know it has nothing to do with hardware. However i do need to upgrade. fyi, the lowest settings arent always the best for fps btw. but i do currently have them all set to low. more testing tomorrow on different settings.
  25. I had to do some messing around but got it to were i can get on the server. After alot of research it comes down to the servers configuration i guess. Nothing more i can do cause I've done it all. At least i can get on.